News That Matters to be scaled down

Dear Readers, brothers and sisters. Praise Jesus the Messiah.

Preach the Messiah crucified. The Lamb of God is about to return as the Lion of Judah.
Preach the Messiah crucified, and risen from the grave. The Lamb of God is about to return as the Lion of Judah.

In March 2009 the Lord told me to start a blog and use my skills as a journalist to expose fake and falsehood.

This was a call to prophetic service, a call to help people see clearly the end time signs around us.

Last month was all time high for News That Matters. There were 185.000 viewers, more than 5.000 on a daily average.

Our defense for Israel and the Jewish people have now been read by more than 5 million people.

The worship of corpses, bones and skulls in the Roman Catholic Church has been exposed to people from all nations. The office of the Papacy has clearly been portrayed as anti-christian, to be renounced as not part of the Messianic Judeo-Christian family.

This exposure have been done with an absolute minimal use of resources. We had no news office, no staff, and did not milk any Church for mission money.

Jesus the Messiah has called me to spend less time writing on this blog. He has for some time called to be to be one of his Apostles. All who are close to me, knows about this calling and will be able to understand.

For all who love News That Matters. The blog will still be on the air. Old articles will be republished, so new readers can be guided down the right path. Our achieves can be used by Messianic evangelists and teachers all over the globe.

But the news service will be reduced to one article per day. In this way, I will be able to spend most of my time following my Master. The Messiah has lately giving me new and exiting tasks.

May Yeshua the Messiah keep on blessing you, and keep you free from all kinds of deceptions. Amen.

Written by Ivar

18 thoughts on “News That Matters to be scaled down

  1. How depressing. But don’t stop completely. Please, write about the development in Israel and write about the signs of the times.

    Jesus is comming soon.

    God bless you.

  2. THANK YOU for everything you have done for me Ivar! You have every day helped me to understand the prophetic news in a new and true light. You have stand on the word of the Bible and not let anything in this world scared you to give up! When I have read this blog, I have been able to sort out in a better way what is falce and what is the truth in the news. I will always be grateful to God for what you have helped me to see and for that you have show me that nothing in this world can stop you from telling the truth.

    Now you shall go on follow what the Messiah told you to do, and it is the very best way. I will come back every day and go on reading this blog. I know that you let us know when something very important happen. I which you the very best!
    God bless you, Ivar!

  3. Ivar
    greetings and peace.
    Have been a daily NTM observer since I found your blog. Have been both blessed and angered. Have been priviledged to share in the discussions. When the spirit of Christ moves you to do other things you must obey.I know that you will be passionate as always. Thank you for your contribution to all of us. May God bless you.

  4. Dear Ivar,

    I recently found your blog via an article link from another blog. I appreciate how you respond to people–always in love.

    May you be richly blessed for your obedience!

  5. I can’t even begin to find the words to how you have blessed me. One thing that really helped me reach people in the catholic cult tho I tried to tell them was the pictures that came with the reports. I bless you in your walk with Messiah to do His Calling. This is by far the most up to date on the real issures that so many miss when reading the Word. so many false teachers and some who take the scripture out of context that leads the blind to fall off the road and into the ditch. How they can make Israel anything but who they are and think they replaced HER….Never….Obadiah tells us true..What a wonderful G-d we serve and yes HE IS COMING SO SOON. As far as the wars near, Israel will win !! Shalom

  6. Ivar, i have been reading your messages for such a long time. and i have never once said thank you. Thank you for all the time you spend on research and bringing us up to date with what is happening in the world. i do copy a lot of your messages to my facebook page, because i feel that more people must know the truth. i am just thankful that you will be doing one message per day. Our LORD JESUS bless you in your ministry, in everything that you do. Thank you brother Ivar.

  7. In pursuit of TRUTH, and in this pursuit ; to trap what was fake and falsehood in Roman Catholic Church , your blog was a great blessing plus in many other churches there is a lot of mismanagement and errors.
    Regularly I get a lot of Emails daily, but my priority was first “News That Matters”.
    Still we have to discern & obey “The Will of GOD”
    My prayers and blessing to you and your loved-ones, if you need any help in the area I live in, please do not hesitate.

  8. 12-9-12, Well, I Praise The Lord Jesus Christ for His valuable, precious time He has spent thru you my brother, Ivar, at this ‘well’ for so many to ‘Come, Drink’ and ‘be refreshed by and thru The Holy Spirit’.

    I thank my God The Father of Glory for this remarkable time I have been allowed to share His Gospel, reap, weep, Intercede with & for many thru the gift He has given you Ivar. Very few can say with a clear conscience that they have never, hawked, milked, used, abused, deceived any thru and/or The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nor can few say they have not used His Message to build their-selves up for any reason. But rather always first and foremost lifted up our Beloved Savior and Israel, Jerusalem, and keeping in mind his very own heart is laid before The Throne of God in every intention to all he spoke to and does, not respecting persons, but speaking in the Fear of God and knowing the terror of The Lord and what is to come you have warned, and pleaded as you shared with conviction even in the times of joy as well as great sorrow for those who opposed The Truth you shared in word and pictures of news items. Thank you Ivar.

    As for so many others that I also came to know thru The Holy Spirit on your site, those too I am honored to have had the pleasure and treasures of their walk with our Lord God. Your Sister in Christ Jesus by Great Grace & Mercy, Andrea

  9. The LORD does’t need a staff, an office or money. Only an obedient man and his computer. Go on Ivar. You still have a lot to bring. Thank God for His gifts and use theme. You know, I am an old and handicapped lady from Denmark. I am on my one, but I run a website called: Israel og Endetiden (Israel and the last times). I don’t write myself, but i translate, what others have written, and amongst them first of all Ivar.
    Thanks so much.

  10. Ivar,
    Know that you are truly appreciated here. I never had any inkling of much of what you’ve exposed about Catholicism. These stepping stones have better prepared us for the fight coming, with a better understanding of the enemy at hand and coming down the road.

    You have truly blessed us in your endeavor and God will bless your next road.


    1. Amen and Amen …this site thru Ivar has revealed the maggots below all the glitter, just like The Prophets of Old revealed what the Priests were doing behind the scenes…and how God hated it…all who read that and realize it is said in the New Testament these are ‘examples for us’…What a fact this site has brought before so many, thru the leading of The Holy Spirit and His gathering of so many of those who are truly faithful to The Lord God! …a ‘great’ time is here about to be surfaced…when Jesus the ‘Lord God Almighty says ”there will be weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth”….people should take that to heart!! Dear God they need to take that to heart!! All we can do now is continue in the race that is set before us all…less we be among the ”Cast-a-ways”

  11. Ivar, Thank you for your dedication for this site. I have been following you for several months and I knew I would always have true news regarding the middle east and especially Israel. The fact that you have exposed the catholic church in a such vivid way has greatly been appreciated. I have been so blessed to find this site and you have encouraged me in many ways. You are a true soldier for the Messiah and I pray that our Father in the heavens will keep you safe, so you may go on and fight for Him. Grace and Peace be upon you. Shalom shalom!

  12. I really hate to hear this bro….your site is one of my favorite sites, and one that I check for updates weekly. Godspeed in your next endeavor.

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