Self-hating Jew in New York attack Netanyahu

New York Times columnist criticizes Israeli leaders for ignoring US administration that ‘did everything possible to block UN vote.

Thomas Friedman points his finger towards Netanyahu, but will not lift a finger to help the Zionists.
Thomas Friedman points his finger towards Netanyahu, but will not lift a finger to help the Zionists.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is harshly criticizing Israel’s Likud party for being taken over by an “arrogant” group of “far-right settler-activists.”

“The far-right group running Israel today is so arrogant, and so indifferent to US concerns, that it announced plans to build a huge block of settlements in the heart of the West Bank — in retaliation for the UN vote giving Palestinians observer status — even though the US did everything possible to block that vote and the settlements would sever any possibility of a contiguous Palestinian state,” he wrote in his column.

He claimed that that the Likud’s leaders “are convinced that the Palestinians are no threat anymore and that no one can roll back the 350,000 Jews living in the West Bank.”


My comment:

There has always been self-hating and disobedient Jews around. Since the day grumbling Jews wanted to return to idolatry in Egypt, to be comforted there.

Thomas Friedman is one of these grumblers. He likes his life in the flesh i New York. He has been assimilated into the hedonistic and materialistic culture of the West. The last thing He will do, is to obey God of the Hebrews and make aliyah, and come home to Zion.

It is sad for the Jewish people, that there are people like Friedman around. But all of use can open our Bible, and find a lot of them. They give the word “Jewish” as bad name, and are used by the enemy of Israel to defame her.

Stern judgment were issued in the past for the rebels who tried to destroy the work of Moses, King David and King Solomon. And stern judgment is waiting for men like Thomas Friedman.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Self-hating Jew in New York attack Netanyahu

  1. Another one who has not chosen to Obey the Voice of The Lord God…~~~>New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman<~~~~
    Like the Bully on the street, he runs off at the mouth, while he's in comfort of many supporting him but when 'real pain' hits him and/or his loved ones it's not a desire to get help but rather to 'help him'… but always uses their problems as a tool to get sympathy and to attack others..!!

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