The Supreme court in Cairo suspend its activities. Muhammad Mursi try to get the constitution passed in a national referendum on December 15.

The pretended lovers "of peace and democracy" burn the US flag in Cairo.
The pretended lovers “of peace and democracy” burn the US flag in Cairo, and shut down the Supreme Court of Egypt.

Protests by Islamists allied to President Mohamed Mursi forced Egypt’s highest court to adjourn its work indefinitely on Sunday, intensifying a conflict between some of the country’s top judges and the head of state.

The Supreme Constitutional Court said it would not convene until its judges could operate without “psychological and material pressure”, saying protesters had stopped the judges from reaching the building.

Several hundred Mursi supporters had protested outside the court through the night ahead of a session expected to examine the legality of parliament’s upper house and the assembly that drafted a new constitution, both of them Islamist-controlled.

The cases have cast a legal shadow over Mursi’s efforts to chart a way out of a crisis ignited by a November 22 decree that temporarily expanded his powers and led to nationwide protests.

Source: Reuters.

My comment:

It is amazing that any one can by the rhetoric of President Obama and the Global elite. They call what has taken place in Cairo for a “revolution”, and “an Arab spring”.

The rulers in Cairo are the once who have educated the Islamic masses to hate the Jews, and shout “death to America”.

Now its is time to enforce martial laws, and rule by Islamic decrees based on Sharia Laws.

We have seen this before in Europe. 80 years ago, the World called is “National Socialism”. The short term for this political “peace movement” where the Nazis.

The Bible says that the Jews gathered home to the city to Jerusalem, shall see the city surrounded by armies.

 Luke 21:20
“When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near.

That is happening now,  just in front of the eyes. All of us can see this. This fact is nevertheless being denied by people who walk on the Earth blind as bats.

Jesus the Messiah spoke about this sign, being one of the signs of His second coming.  He will return, and give the Nazi-goons and their supporters a fair judgment.

We who love Jesus the Messiah can hardly wait for this glorious day to appear.

Maran Ata.

Written by Ivar