Hitler set a side the constitution, and started to rule by popular referendums. The leaders of the “Arab spring” in  Egypt are just copycats.

Muhammad Morsi has fetched his ideology from the Koran and Main Kampf.
Muhammad Morsi has build his ideology from verses in the Koran and Main Kampf.

All who have studied the Nazis takeover of Germany, can clearly see that the Fascists in Egypt is just copying the same strategy and tactics.

Hitler started his takeover by using intimidation and provocations. The opposition either withdrew from political contests, of was simply branded as “enemies of the state” and suspended.

The Parliament of the Weimar Republic became dysfunctional. It gave Hitler the change to rule by “Emergency Decree”, to secure “peace”.

Within days of the reconvening of the Reichstag, the Enabling Law was passed, and Hitler was af firmed as the “legal dictator” of Germany,

The Reichstag proceeded to meet only 12 times between March 1933 and Sept. 1, 1939,

The rule by referendums was a copy-cat maneuver of Adol Hitler. The leader of the Third Reich had learned this style of Governance from the First Reich. The Roman Empire.

In the Roman Colisseum the spectator mob would signal “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”—“yes or no”—to help determine whether Christians or gladiators would live or die after combat.

Nor is it surprising that it was the fascist dictator and Caesar-worshipping Napoleon who revived the use of the plebiscite in modern times, when he had himself confirmed as First Consul in France on Feb. 7,

On that remarkable democratic occasion, 3,011,007 French voters said “yes” to Napoleon becoming their new ruler (dictator), and 562 said “no.”

The first referendum was on November 12th 1933, in which the German people were called upon to ratify Hitler’s decision to withdraw from the Geneva Disarmament Conference and the League of Nations.

Ninety-six percent of registered voters turned out to vote, and 95 per cent of them ratified the withdrawal. It was even reported, that 2,154 of 2,242 inmates at the Dachau concentration camp voted “yes” to withdrawal!

The second referendum was held on August 19th 1934, wherein the subject was the ratification of Hitler’s (illegal) usurpation of power, as Fuhrer/Chancellor, in the aftermath of President Hindenburg’s death. Ninety-five percent of the registered voters went to the polls, and 90 per cent of them (over 38 million people), voted “yes.”

The third Referendum was also a landslide victory for the NAZIs (March 29, 1936). Hiter wanted a popular vote on his plan of Remilitarization of the Rhineland

The NAZI-controlled press reported that 99 percent of registered voters participated. And 98.8 percent of those voters voted voted “Ja”. 44.5 million votes out of 45.5 million.

The fourth referendum was held on April 10, 1938, in order to ratify Hitler’s Anschluss, or annexation of Austria. Over 99 per cent of registered voters voted “yes” on that question.

If the President of Egypt wants to terminate freedom of expression in Egypt, just ask for a popular vote.

If the President of Egypt wants to terminate the peace agreement with Israel, he will just ask for a popular vote.

Also the remilitarization of the Sinai can be enforced with more than 90 per cent of the voters in Egypt saying “yes”.

This is the effect of “democracy” according to Fascism. Let the intolerant and violent mob decide.

Written by Ivar