Israel rejects UN-vote build 3.000 new homes

The cabinet has decided to build 3.000 new homes in Jerusalem and Eastern Israel, and to use collected tax to cover unpaid bills. 

Benjamin Netanyahu and Youval Steinitz will use the Arabs own money to settled their own unpaid electricity bills.
Benjamin Netanyahu and Youval Steinitz will use the Arabs own money to settled their own unpaid electricity bills.

“The Jewish people have natural, historical and legal rights to its homeland with its eternal capital Jerusalem,” the resolution stated. “The State of Israel as the state of the Jewish people has rights and claims to areas are under dispute in the land of Israel.”

In another response, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said at the cabinet meeting that he will not transfer to the Palestinian Authority taxes it collects on behalf of the Palestinians.

Steinitz said he would “use the funds to offset the PA’s electricity debts.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Israel has signed a cease fire agreement that permits the Hamas to re-arm.  That will secure that the Hamas will remain in power, and undermine any chance of a two-state-solution.

The cabinet still hold on to its doctrine of permitting “limited terror from Gaza”.

Israel must also keep the PLO active and alive.  So that the Muslim camp remains divided.

By building new home for Jews in the eastern parts of the capital of Israel. the terrorists in Ramallah will make more noise.

Since this terror base has been formed with the support of the US, UN,  EU, the Pope and Norway, let them continue to fund their “paper tiger” state.

Because all who are not blind knows that the Islamic terrorists will keep on slaughtering each other in the name of “allah”, as long as there is someone who is willing to pay their bills.

Since the PLO do not pay for the electricity they receive from the “horrible Zionists”, its is but natural that the Ministry of Finance use the tax-collect to pay the bills.

The Israeli cabinet have to act based on the grim realities on the ground.  It is called the “peace process”.

We fully understand that Israel is tired of mess the International community has created on the mountains of Zion.
Let the pagans pay for their own foolishness, or let the violent Arabs go bust.

Written by Ivar

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  1. Mr Ivarfjeld
    Look up this artilce ” Ephraem The Syrian ” this person lived around 373 ad and was a christian, poet and wrote about what I would call the rapture of believers..the end of times, antichrist and more very interesting article.
    This is the 1st time I have found anything that mentions the rapture written by the ancient people.
    I believe you will enjoy reading this information, unless you have already found it…maybe you can do a story on it…blessings to you and all…

  2. Carry on building israel, don;t listen to the hypocrites of the west, my country England founded th ebiggest empire in the world nicking more land than anybody else, even now we occupy Afghanistan and wont let the people of Diego garcia go home because we want their island as a bas ein the Indian ocean, carry on Israel at least the land you build is yours.

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