Antisemittism on the rise in Finland

Pertti Salolainen says Jews cause US to be “afraid” of neutrality in Middle East conflict; Finnish site calls him “part-time anti-Semite.”

Pertti Salolainen is just another neo-Nazi that has been raised in Finland.
Pertti Salolainen is just another neo-Nazi who has been raised in Finland.

While discussing the UN General Assembly vote to upgrade the Palestinian delegation to non-member observer state status, Salolainen said,

  “Now about the United States, it finds it difficult to take a more neutral stance on the Israel-Palestine issue because they have a large Jewish population who have a significant control of the money and the media. The US for internal political reasons is afraid to become adequately involved. This is a sad truth about US politics.”

Pertti Salolainen, Finland’s vice chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, asserted this on the state television program YLE Aamu TV on Thursday.

The pro-Israel Helsinki-based website Tundra Tabloids posted a translation of Salolainen’s comments and the television clip with a translation.

Tundra Tabloids termed Salolainen “a part-time anti-Semite” and said he propagated a modern version of the 19th century anti-Semitic document Protocols of the Elders of Zion with his diatribe of Jew-hatred and conspiracy theories.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Europe has for the last 1500 years been a dark continent.  That the Europeans never managed to move beyond the religious Jew-hate of the Middle Ages, was best exposed during the Holocaust in 1942-1945 A.D.

It was during the so-called “Church councils” of 352-450 A.D that Judaism and Jewishness was pronounced to be a crime.  The majority of Papal Bishops agreed that the Jews had “killed the Catholic-Christ”, and most of the problems in Europe was created by this “cursed people”.

Almost everything Jewish were deleted from the Church, and replaced with Canon Laws and doctrines of the pagan Papacy.

In this way the Europeans called down curses on their own head, and have done so up to our days.

There have always existed a true Baptist Church, who have loved and supported the Jewish people. But such followers of Jesus has always been ex-communicated, badly persecuted and not those who wrote the official “Church history”.

Only born again evangelical Christians have been fully able to discern all the falsehood of Rome , and rejected it as fruits of the devil.

John 15:24
If I had not done among them what no one else did, they would not be guilty of sin. But now they have seen these miracles, and yet they have hated both me and my Father.

The Reformation brought back light into the Church after 1.000 years of darkness. But in this generation, most of the Christians jump the lessons from the Reformation, and are willing to accept the replacement-Messiah of Rome, and participate in the evil of the Papacy.

The truth is the no-one “killed the Catholic Christ”. He is a fiction, and an invention of religious priests in Rome.

Jesus the Messiah chose to gift up His life for free, as a redeeming sacrifice for sins of both Jews and gentiles.  He is the King of the Jews, who will reign over the house of Jacob forever.

By His blood we can get cleansed from our sins, and escape the waiting fire of Hell.

The Messiah took the Jews through a rebirth of Israel in 1948. He has gathered them home to Zion, and helped them to rebuild the ruins.

With or without the blessings or curses that might come out from Finland.

It does not matter.

The prophetic Word will be fulfilled regardless of what the politicians in Finland and the United Nations think or feel.

It is regrettable to see all this paganism exposed, that will lead people into a just and perfect judgement.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Antisemittism on the rise in Finland

  1. That is right and very sad as many have the “other Jesus” that Paul preached about, warned of. The Catholic cult who said Peter is the rock is of their father the devil. Many Babtist churches are members of the council of churches and fill the same way as those who boycott Israel. How in the world reading G-d’s Word could they even dare to hate Israel as from the beginning Genesis 12 all thru the word HE tells us the end from the beginning but also tells us how Apostasy would come. I never drempt it could be all of the things that are going on or that any Church could even act like they believe this hate. Unity with the cults is ok with them and they say love covers all, but we KNOW the blood of Yeshua is the only thing. I read a article on Mother Teresa and when she was dying she said all she saw was darkness.Good works is not the way alone, It has to be our Precios L-rd. All the rest are heading to Rome to be sad..

  2. Remember also that many of those so-called “reformers” carried their heretical “replacement theology” and hate of Jews, out of Rome with them. That is why the Bible must be our guide, not even some “reformers”.

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