Israel first nation in history to finance its enemies

The Jewish nation continued to supply electricity to Gaza and even payed out salary to the leaders of Hamas.

Israel correctly consider it a lesser evil to support the Hamas, than to face a UN and US backed two-state-solution.

A  number of Israeli commentators have registered their immense frustration over the fact that Israel did not even come close to leveraging all it had to defeat Hamas and put an end to the Gaza missile threat during the recently-ended Gaza conflict.

Everyone knows that Gaza is not self-sufficient, and receives nearly all its water and a large portion of its electricity from Israel. There was not even a hiccup in that supply as the residents of Gaza rained down missiles on Israeli cities.

But perhaps even more shocking is the fact that the Bank of Israel continued to send Brinks trucks carrying millions of dollars to Hamas during the war.

As Israel’s Ynet news portal explained:

“Hamas does not have its own banking system. The organization raises funds in Arab states in dollars, but the currency in Gaza is the shekel. So, every month Israel transfers millions of shekels to Gaza to be exchanged for the dollars.”

Popular Israeli commentator Dr. Guy Bechor of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya responded to this ridiculous situation:

“We represent the first instance in history of one side feeding and financing its enemy, even during a time of war between the two.”

Source: Israel Today

My comment:

For people who do not reflect on the dilemma facing Israel, the passive Israeli support of the Hamas-regime might be “shocking”.

You must ask the simple question:

What is the alternative to a continuation of the Hamas regime in Gaza?

I guess the best answer is:

A quick enforcement of a two-state-solution.

The International elite can simply not wait to see Israel being pushed back behind the 1967 cease fire lines.

These lines never brought peace, and will of course never bring peace.  They are the very “Auswich lines”, that will make the Islamic enemies of the Jewish people capable of completing the “final solution” to the “Jewish problem”.

The doctrine of “limited Gaza-terrorism” has its flaws. Like we saw one week ago. The price was 1500 rockets fired into Israel.

Written by Ivar  

3 thoughts on “Israel first nation in history to finance its enemies

  1. The US has and still is paying her enemies….I think I may have missed the idea of that statement….Israel is the first Nation in History who pays her enemies?

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