Ehud Barak leaves after Pillar of Defense fiasco

Public Diplomacy Minister Yuli Edelstein described Barak as “the worst defense minister there ever was for Jewish settlement.”

Hillary Clinton wanted Ehud Barak to honor the Muslim Brotherhood. It looks like the lady managed to convince the former top Israeli general.

Today, he declared, is “the Likud’s independence day,” a play on the name of Barak’s break-away party, Independence. Edelstein, however, said he won’t be surprised if Barak takes the first opportunity available to find a reason to return to politics.

Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan commented on Defense Minister Ehud Barak resignation from public life, and said:

“His political and ideological approach was completely wrong. We are currently  acting to raise the election threshold in order to have a proper state leadership, unlike Barak’s which has totally misread the political situation in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, over the past years he interjected his political views in issues regarding the settlements in Judea and Samaria,” he said.

Netanyahu says he respects Barak’s decision.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The reason for Ehud Barack’s retirement from politics, will not be fully known for some time. Because the whole topic has elements of classified information. Neither Barack nor Netanyahu will be able to give the full explanation.

We must not forget, that is was Benjamin Netanyahu who wanted a political opponent as his Minister of Defense. Netanyahu chose Barak, not because his political skills. In fact, Ehud Barak has always been a bad politician. The Prime Minister chose Barack because he is the highest decorated Military commander of the IDF ever.

Netanyahu hired Ehud Barak because He wanted the best Israeli General to be the political head of the armed forces of Israel.

What went wrong?

My bust guess is, that when Benjamin Netanyahu needed the support of General Barak the most, the defense minister acted like a politician. Not as a general.

And I will not be surprised if the CIA and Washington was misguiding Barak, and made him indecisive.  As the rockets continued to rain down over Israel,  the Muslim Brotherhood and Washington promised Israel “peace”.

Time will tell if I am right.

May Jesus the Messiah bless Ehud Barack, and open his eyes to the evil forces and unfaithful “friends” who secretly sided with the enemies of the Jewish people.

Written by Ivar

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