Obama and EU’s man i Cairo new Hitler of Egypt

Like Adolf Hitler did, Muhammad Mursi passes a decree setting a side the Court system, the parliament and the constitution.

EU commissioner Cathrine Aston adore the new supreme ruler of Egypt.

Opposition leaders in Egypt have called for large protests after President Mohammed Mursi passed a decree giving himself sweeping new powers.

The decree states the president’s decisions cannot be revoked by any authority – including the judiciary.

It also opens the way for a retrial of people convicted of killings during Egypt’s 2011 uprising which toppled President Hosni Mubarak.

Germany 1932-1935 and Egypt 23rd of November 2012. The Fascists are taking control.

Mr Mursi’s critics have denounced the move as a “coup against legitimacy”.

In a joint news conference on Thursday, Sameh Ashour, head of a lawyers association, and key opposition figures Mohamed ElBaradei and Amr Moussa accused Mr Mursi of “monopolising all three branches of government” and overseeing “the total execution of the independence of the judiciary”.

“We are calling on all Egyptians to protest in all of Egypt’s squares on Friday,” they said.

Mr ElBaradei, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, wrote on his Twitter account that the president had “appointed himself Egypt’s new pharaoh. A major blow to the revolution that could have dire consequences”.

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

When you give Fascists a finger, they will soon take over your entire body.

The rise of Muhammad Mursi as the new leader of Egypt has clear not deniable parallels to Adolf Hitlers rise in Germany.

1. First they represented a banned fling movement, based on an extreme ideology.
2. Next they formed a political party.
3. They ran for election.
4. They got the popular vote, and could claim national leadership.
5. They changed the constitution.
6. They issue executive powers to them selves, and set aside the power of the parliament and the court system.

The next move will be to brand the opposition as the enemies of “peace” and the true Fascists. To achieve this, they need to orders their supporters to provoke violence in the streets.

Can you see that history repeat it self?

In 1938, even the British Prime Minister hailed Herr Hitler as a “peace partner” for Europe. Just like the Obama Administration present Herr Mursi as the “peace partner” for Israel and the Middle East.

The presented sacrifice is one and the same.

It is the blood of the Jews.

Hitler and Mursi have both been elected on a promise to find a solution to “the Jewish problem”.

Shame on all who support this evil.

Written by Ivar

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  1. I just read that the U.S. is “worried” about Egypt. What a farce. Like they couldn’t see Morsi for what he is, the new Nasser? I’m sure Barack Hussein Obama is not worried at all. Morsi is his brotherhood-buddy.

  2. Obama and His MB has taken down Egypt, Libya, working on Syria and I am sure it will be Jordan and placing his MB in all of them. He has given himself the same rule in the US , trashing our Constitution, Bill of rights and Declaration of Independance and thrown our G-d out and off of any one thing,,,we are letting him?? His purpose is to take us down over the cliff , take our guns and has Russia troops training here, just like the 35 jihad camps too. To get his weapons to his brothers thru Libya and got caught, as it was ok to watch our men die to protect his weapons deal, just like to Mexico. Civil war is coming here quickly. he did not win as the rigged votes, even by LAST years votes hidden. Just sent 20 million to the pLO and has continued to send millions to the middle east. Not many talk of illegas here and comming. once five thousand muslims enter a country they try to chance our ways. I can hardly believe he gets by with it a illegal radical muslim who also was in Russia for years , training as he did in pakistan..One thing for sure, we best stop him. his little plan to throw us over the cliff come Jan, threatening congress as they try to cut spending.How is it we are NOT to nation build give weapons and train the enemies as well as money, our tax dollars. Israel is sure surrounded and they plan to hit. We need to trust G-d and HE will show up in Israel and tells them to kill all the enemies and leave none breathing. Duet.. Some think it is lots of time before Psalms 83, Gaza will be a waste and Damascus a rubble, but it isn’t., and much later Russia will come with all persia to attack and G-d will roar thru Zion.One thing for sure..Israela will win, stand forever and ever and those who love and suport Her, pray for Her will rejoice with Her and our G-d forever. and for those who do not believe how G-d says in Zech 12 how HE will come and bring up the dead and take away their sin, give them a new heart, and they will see who they perieced and a all Israel will be saved. the churches think they replaced Her, how sick and sad. as G-d in the same chapter tells us HE is coming with redemption.. Islam will loose it splender and that is true as G-d said so. Our troops are wise too. I told them , come home and throw the bums out and deport and get on our borders. I am sure obama is so happy the tax will go up as Daniel says we will be taxed to death. Like Hitler who gave a lot and then took it all away and then killed all who helped him.. even now the blacks are getting it…Looks like Prophecy is going to happen fast and G-d said it would and for us to hold onto what we have. Some forget A:L nations going against Israel and deviding the land will be destroyed. Pray without ceasing and stay in the word, HE IS our Strength..and keep our faith in HIM and be thankful for what we have. Shalom Noah believed Him, Paul and John dd and we have tp as well. fear not…and HE WILL ACT–Like Islam says, we smile at their faces and curse them in our heart. if Hillary and the DC bunch thinks they will be safe… soon they will know too late

    1. France is circling the drain by being taken over by Muslims. The French government hinted the other day that they would vote yes on Abbas’ request for UN recognition! Can the UK and the rest of Europe be far behind? The storm clouds keep getting darker.

  3. Ivar
    Your amazing at finding parallel scenarios of history. The saying “History repeats itself” is so true. How come man can’t learn from history?

    1. Then they will ask you to put a chip in your right hand or forehead for “medical” tracking only. Don’t believe them! The chip will have a GPS device in it and eventually you won’t be able to buy anything without it. I would rather die than have the mark of the beast on me.

  4. President Morsi today officially gives Egypt over to sharia law.

    “The Egyptian Constituent Assembly, which is mandated with writing the country’s new charter, has voted to keep Islamic principles as the main source of legislation. The assembly members gathered on Thursday and voted on each of the 234 articles in the draft constitution.

    “Islam is the state religion, and the Arabic language is its official language. The principles of Islamic sharia are the main source of legislation,” an agreed clause read.” (Quotes from a PressTV article)

    This is so disgusting and must be horrifying for Jews and Christians living in Egypt. This is the beginning of the end for Egypt. Things will only get worse…

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