Friedman: Mursi can bring “real” Israel-Egypt peace

‘NY Times’ columnist says Islamist president gives opportunity to make peace with 80m. Egyptians rather than with single dictator.

Thomas Friedman is a deceiver of the flock, an instrument for the Islamic “peace plan:” presented to Israel.

The election of Islamist Mohamed Mursi as president of Egypt could be the beginning of “a real peace” between the Israeli and Egyptian people as opposed to the “cold, formal peace,” that has existed until now, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman said in an article published in the paper on Wednesday.

Friedman said that the government of Prime Minster Binyamin Netanyahu must abandon the thinking that peace can be made with a single dictator as opposed to an entire people. He posited that Israel would have to appeal to the Egyptian “man on the street” by gaining his understanding and not only inspiring fear. He suggested that a renewed peace process with the Palestinians was a way to achieve this goal.

I don’t know whether the current Palestinian leadership can be a partner for a secure, two-state peace with Israel, but I do know this: Israel needs to be more creative in testing whether that is possible. Because the alternative is a one-state solution that will be the death of Israel as a Jewish democracy and deadly for peace with a democratic Egypt,” Friedman said.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

You can never have true peace with people who do not obey the truth.

The scriptures explain to us that dishonest people will fool the Jewish people to accept a false “peace agreement”. That is the devilish plan, that includes the Muslim brotherhood.

Thomas Friedman is a man after Muhammad’s heart. He support the Saudi Arabian “peace plan”, which is based on the idea that the Jewish people shall be granted peace, only when they reduce Israel is a size that can not be defended by the IDF.

Reject this falsehood.

First published: July 6th, 2012.

Written by Ivar

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