The hooligan killers in Gaza supported by the World

Gunmen shot dead six men in Gaza. They were accused  of working for Israel. Their bodies were dragged through streets.

This extreme evil is what your your own leaders have presented to Israel as “peace partners”.

“Palestinian” gunmen shot dead six alleged collaborators in the Gaza Strip who “were caught red-handed,” according to a security source quoted by the Hamas Aqsa radio on Tuesday.

“They possessed hi-tech equipment and filming equipment to take footage of positions,” it said.

The Hamas radio said the men, who were suspected of working for Israel, were shot. It did not elaborate.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

This is what the western civilization have invited to our streets.

The very “peace partners” presented to Israel by the EU, USA, China, Russia, the UN, Tony Blair and the Pope.

These boys are facing it so difficult to survive in Gaza, that the United Nations had to collect money for them, so they could by nice 250 CC motorbikes. It is obviously more difficult to slaughter people when you have to walk all day.

It is not easy to find any noble side of Radical Islam. For 1.400 years, the Arab world has called down curses on their own head by following a demonic deception written down in the Koran.

There is no end of hooliganism, perversion, violence, injustice, misery and wickedness. I have earlier called this the very savage of mankind.

There are obviously good Arabs too. But they live in submission to Islam, and have become partakers of the sins of this paganism in its most filthy ways.

The Western World is equally guilty of the lawlessness and anarchy that rules and in the heart of the Hamas leadership. The UN has pumped hundred of million of dollars into the pockets of the Hamas leaders.

If there were any moral or ethical standards left in the civilized World, the evil extremist totalitarian rule of Hamas would have been brought to and end.

The free worlds fought and defeated Nazism.

Today there seems be be few who have the discernment, to actually see that the Neo-Nazis have full and global support.

Just like God of the Bible says, It will be all nations against their Creator.  That is a rebellion and a battle that man can never win.

So get your acts together, and surrender to the living God. Accept the Lordship of the Messiah.

He is about to Return.  Praise Jesus.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “The hooligan killers in Gaza supported by the World

  1. Look folks, even in England the news has actually reported on staged photos, execution of untried alleged israel Spies, Hamas firing rockets etc etc but the world still sees israel as the villain, they are blinded by satan, they do not want to see truth, they love deceit and the lie and its easier to hate the jews as they wont do anything back to them. Right now people are preparing to celebrate Christmas which commemorates the birth of the Jewish Messiah in Judea to save the world but the masses want to see the destruction of Judea and the people that gave us Jesus, I say come Lord Jesus and bring your real truth peace and justice, many gnashers of teeth will there be.

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