New Coptic pope wants Jerusalem to be liberated

“Coptic worshippers must not visit Jerusalem until it is liberated”.

The new Coptic Pope defames Israel, and appear to be yet another antichrist.

These are the words of  Egypt’s newly elected Patriarch of Alexandria, Pope Tawadros II.

He has announced that he will maintain the policy of his predecessor Pope Shenouda III of discouraging Coptic worshippers from visiting Jerusalem until it is liberated. He said that Christians and Muslims will visit Jerusalem together, after its liberation.

The issue of Egyptian Copts visiting Occupied Jerusalem has been a continuous challenge for the Orthodox Coptic Pope over the years. Following Pope Shenouda’s death in March, the issue has been at the forefront of the challenges facing his successor alongside other issues arising from the new political situation in post-Mubarak Egypt.

When asked about the political developments, Pope Tawadros insisted that the Coptic Church does not fear Islamist rule, noting that the Church is proud of Egypt’s first democratically-elected civilian president.

He expressed his hope that President Morsi will lead the country through a real renaissance so that Egyptians feel the benefits on the ground and not just in theory.

The Pope said that what Egypt’s Copts demand is real citizenship, adding that they are being marginalised. He didn’t rule out that the Church, even though it is primarily a spiritual institution, may adopt a stance on the presidency.


My comment:

If Jerusalem needs to be “liberated”, than those who fire rockets towards this city must be “freedom fighters”.

Such is the nature of evil.

The Bible says many antichrists has walked into this World. One of them, is obviously the Coptic Pope.

Any Pope is a deceiver of the flock. Either he is a greater Pope in Rome, or a lesser Pope in Cairo.

When the Copts claim that Jerusalem is occupied, they side with Islam. They proclaim that “Christians and Muslims” will visit Jerusalem “after its liberated”.

Let me add a better line: Together “antichrists and Muslims” will worship the last man of Lawlessness in Jerusalem.

Shame on all anti-Semites who defame the state of Israel and the Jewish people.

The Jews shall obviously not embrace a copycat Messiah, who deny that Jerusalem was liberated from colonialism and Islamic occupation in the year of 1967.

Jesus the Messiah love the Jewish people. He liberated Jerusalem, and He will come back to this city to judge the living and the dead. Amen.

Written by Ivar

14 thoughts on “New Coptic pope wants Jerusalem to be liberated

      1. Jesus said: He would build His church upon this “Rock” (Himself, not Peter), “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18c).
        If you cannot see the pure unadulterated evil in the faces of these impostures above, then God help you. They are following the lies of their father the devil, same as the rulers of Jesus day chose to do.

    1. There is no pope anywhere in the Bible. Peter was an apostle, he surrendered to the rebukes of Paul, and obeyed when James ran things in Jerusalem, and Peter was married.

      Every pope is from satan. Catholicism is a lie from the pit of hell, and catholicism leads to hell.

      1. I don’t mind you and I disagreeing on faith. My point is that you cannot complain about “…anti-Semites…” while simultaneously attacking someone else faith.

        My faith, and my understanding of the bible leads me to believe that there is support for Catholicism. That is why I am Catholic.

        * First, Christ appointed the first Pope, Peter. (Matthew 16:18)
        * Christ gave specific authority to Peter, alone. (Matthew 16:19)
        * Peter confirms the Catholic interpretation of Matthew 16:18-19 when he exercised authority during one of the earliest disputes mentioned in Scripture. (Acts 15)
        * Peter was often mentioned first when the other Apostles were named. In other cases, Scripture just names Peter, and then mentions the others who “were with him”. (Matt. 10:1-4, Mark 3:16-19, Luke 6:14-16, Acts 1:13 Luke 9:32)
        * Peter was so important to the early believers that even Peter’s shadow brought about miraculous healings. (Acts 5:15)
        * As the leader of the Church founded by Christ (Matthew 16:18-19), Christ promised the assistance of the Holy Spirit to his Church, and promised he would be with it forever. (John 14:8-17)
        * Paul wanted complete unity among all believers regarding their doctrines and belief (1 Corinthians 1:10)

        Protestantism has demonstrated its heretical nature. This is why they have over 30,000 denominations and divisons. This division is counter biblical. According to Scripture, unity and truth are lost when individuals take it upon themselves to privately interpret Scripture. They do this, according to the Bible, “to their own destruction.” (2nd. Peter 3:15-18)

    1. I am looking for this guy to either fill the shoes of the Antichrist or False Prophet..since no one knows for sure..we can only speculate, where either one comes from. There is many ideas. Remember, the antichrist will be a great political/religous leader who establishes peace….he is the Muslims’ Mahdi! Our Antichrist! Could it be? We’ll have to see…

  1. I am a coptic and I lived in Egypt for 5 years when I was a little boy and I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it is for the copts living in Egypt and the fear that the copts always have to live by. I know my people very well and I could tell you and everyone for a fact that weather it’s the old or new pope of Egypt they always have to say things against there well or out of fear to apeas the Muslims in Egypt especially the Egyptian goverment. But I do know for a fact that the copts love the Jews and Israel very much, just as much as the love jesus. For minority Christians living in any Islamic country you’re always forced to say and do things out of fear of your life and you’re families lives. So what ever the old or new pope say against the Jews or Israel is only out of fear of what could happen to them. May God bless the copts, the Jews and the Syrian Christians and all Christians ho suffer in the Islamic countries, and God will judge Islam for her history against the Jews and Christians.

    1. Dear Jimmy.


      I believe you are right.

      What we see on an International level today, is the failure of Christian leaders to obey the Messiah. But the ordinary Christian and the laymen are standing for the truth.

      There are few gentiles who know the Jewish people better than the Copts. The first Egyptian messianic revival was back in the first century. It was Yacob, the brother of Yeshua who was sent to Egypt, to preach. To Jews living in the diaspora, and to the Egyptians.

      I pray that the Copts will stay faithful of God of the Hebrews, and not listen to their own Pope. Like the Egyptians who refused to listen to their Pharaoh, troubling the Jews.

      There is a lesson to learn from the Egyptians who chose to fear God of Israel:

      Exodus 9:20-21
      Those officials of Pharaoh who feared the word of the Lord hurried to bring their slaves and their livestock inside. But those who ignored the word of the Lord left their slaves and livestock in the field.

      We who have been saved by the Messiah, have been grafted into the Jewish Messianic faith. Amen.

    2. So let me get this straight. We are to believe that completely against their will and in fear for their very lives they do and say these things? In order to appease the Muslims in power so that they will not be persecuted by them?
      They are crying out for Israel to be liberated, which will incite Muslims everywhere to band together in what they hope will be the complete annihilation of the Israeli people, and you put forth this hideous assumption in defence of such evil? That people can simply say and do whatever they want, in the hope that God will understand their “real motives” and will just sort it all out in the end? You actually try and make the case that regardless of what these people are actually saying, they really don’t mean such vial and evil things, and instead have this great love in their hearts for the Israeli people. WAKE-UP CALL Jimmy!! Plain and simple, evil will always side with evil. From the Pope on down, and for vast numbers of Catholic laypeople as well, they do not stand with Israel. Not before or during WWII and surely not now. God is very clear on such matters and we have heard it said a thousand times before. GOD WILL, “Bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.” So whether or not those doing the cursing are doing it to save there own stinking hides, it really makes no difference whatsoever in God’s eyes. He knows exactly what is in their hearts, that they are only trying to protect their own unholy, evil alliances and all of their falsly assumed, positions of power and authority. They care more about the things of this world than the Kingdom that is soon to come. Same as it was with the evil rulers in Jesus day. It had to be this way in the end of days, and is one of the reasons Jesus told us to WATCH, so that we would not be deceived, as they clearly are. Jesus said: Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)

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