Coptic Pope: “Todays Jews are not God’s chosen people”

“Modern-day Jews are not God’s chosen people, said Pope Shenouda III, the head of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church”.

Look at this gift from Mahmoud Abbas to the coptic Pope. An icon of the “Holy Madonna” and her son. Cairo: September 13th, 2011.

This is a statement given on Sept. 28th, 2011.

“Do not believe their claims that they are God’s chosen people, because it is not true,” Shenouda said during his weekly sermon on Wednesday evening at the papal residence in Abbasseya.

When there were no believers on earth the Jews were really God’s chosen people, but God’s chosen people are now all those who believe in the existence of God and carry out all God’s teachings, he added.

Shenouda said he had spoken earlier with former US President Jimmy Carter, and explained to him that Jews were called God’s chosen people because they were the only worshipers on earth, while the rest of its inhabitants were pagans.

Once billions believed in the existence of God, the Jews no longer were God’s chosen people, he said, and now all those who believe in God and have true faith are God’s chosen people.

Oriental Orthodox

My comment:

The large majority of Evangelical Christian leaders accept Copts as Christians. But few evangelicals have much knowledge about Coptic Orthodoxy.

This religious movement also have a “pope”, and Jew-hate and Replacement theology is deeply rooted in the Egyptian Coptic minority.

The best exposure of the Palestinian-Coptic nexus, is Abu Mazen’s gift to the Coptic Pope. It is not a “holy Koran”, and obviously not a Bible. But an icon of the “holy madoona and her son”.  They are the royals, acceptable for the entire “Palestine movement”.

Not so strange. The Vatican was one of the first non Muslim nations to recognize the PLO formed in 1964.  The official Vatican Recognition came in 1974, 20 years before the Vatican recognized the state of Israel:

Pope Paul IV had the following statement ready for the 25th anniversary of the “Pontifical Mission for Palestine” in June 1974.  Written on the website of the Papal Mission to the Middle East.

  “One of the clearest signs of the Holy See’s concern for the welfare of the Palestinians, who are particularly dear to us because they are the people of the Holy Land, because they include followers of Christ and because they have been and still are being so tragically tried.”

Source: News That Matters

When the pope visited Jerusalem in 1964, the Vatican never complained about “illegal and immoral”Jordanian and Muslim unilateral actions there .

In 1973, Pope Shenouda III became the first Coptic Orthodox Pope of Alexandria to meet the Pope of Rome in over 1500 years.

The PLO was the Pope’s best bid to make both the Zionists and the Kingdom of Jordan to accept the Popes plan to make Jerusalem an International Zone.

This plan had to be kept on ice as the consequence of the Jordanian occupation of East Jerusalem in 1948.

The same year the Zionists got their own state with West Jerusalem as capital.

When this “zone” finally comes into existence, it must obviously be governed by someone.

The ruler of this Zone will be the last and final antichrist. This ruler will not return to Earth in the clouds of Heaven, but rather receive a red carpet welcome at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv.

 Isaiah 8:14
He will be a holy place; for both Israel and Judah he will be a stone that causes people to stumble and a rock that makes them fall. And for the people of Jerusalem he will be a trap and a snare.

In 1967, both the PLO and the Pope faced another serious setback, when the Zionists liberated the city of Jerusalem from Jordanian occupation.

The PLO, the Copts and the Pope are in agreement in regards to “the liberation of Palestine”. They face a second enemy in the Muslim brotherhood and their offspring Hamas, that needs to be brought on board in a great compromise.

Iran can not accept a “Palestine” that will be ruled by the followers of the son and the Madonna. The Iranian regime want Israel to become a pure Islamic state ruled by Iranian inspired sharia laws. Just like the coming republic of Egypt.

Only if they can agree to make peace with each other, and make Zionist Israel their common enemy, they can become “successful”.

Very few wants to listen to Jesus the Messiah, and obey the gospel.

 1 Peter 2:6
For in Scripture it says: “See, I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.”

Behold: A grand compromise will come. One of the followers of the son of the “Queen of Heaven” will be the common denominator.

When this rule is about to collapse, and the Jews face the final betrayal and the ultimate Holocaust, the true Messiah will return to Zion.

There are horrible times ahead for the Jewish people, and all who live on the Earth. The rejection of the Messiah is almost total in this generation.

But the days of great tribulation will be shortened by the Messiah, for the sake of His elect. The elect is still around on Earth in small pockets, badly persecuted and hated by the entire World.

First Published: January 10th, 2012

Written by Ivar

49 thoughts on “Coptic Pope: “Todays Jews are not God’s chosen people”

  1. Yah replaced the Israelites with ” Jews”. The entire old testament is filled with verses confirming this claim. There is not peace because Israel is still scattered. Read 2 Kings 17:24. Look at the hieroglyphs. God is not to be mocked. The Bible says Israelites would lose their heritage, Deut 28th & Levi 26th. 2Thess. 2:10. Yeshua said in Matt 10:24, John 10:27, 10:16, Psalms 83:4. He wasn’t speaking only of the church. Most Jews do not believe in Yeshua Hamashaich, and never experienced the lost heritage. The more these facts are overlooked, the more believers of Yeshua deny Yah’s truth. Abraham dreamed of his descendants captivity in Genesis 15:12-21.

    1. Dear Ec


      You wrote:

      Yah replaced the Israelites with ” Jews”. The entire old testament is filled with verses confirming this claim. There is not peace because Israel is still scattered.

      My comment:

      This is a classical misunderstanding. Please be aware that the 12 tribes of Israel were not selected, because they were perfect, righteous or having a heart for God. A Jew is called to follow Yah, INTO a walk of holiness. (Just like Christians) Through the ages, this walk with God has been long, and full of hick ups.

      Deut 7:7-8

      The LORD did not set his affection on you and choose you because you were more numerous than other peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples. But it was because the LORD loved you and kept the oath he swore to your ancestors that he brought you out with a mighty hand and redeemed you from the land of slavery, from the power of Pharaoh king of Egypt

      (end of verse on selection)

      The Jews who were saved out of Egypt was a mixed crowed. Both the good, the bad and the ugly.

      What about in the New Testament area?

      Did God of the Bible, reject His people who failed to walk with Him in Holiness, and accept Jesus as Messiah?

      Paul the Apostles gives us the answer:

      Romans 11:28
      As far as the gospel is concerned, they are enemies for your sake; but as far as election is concerned, they are loved on account of the patriarchs.


      In regards to their ELECTION as God’s chosen people, you can do nothing to change that. Just accept God’s sovereign choice, and His love for them.

      1. There is no “misunderstanding” of biblical scriptures or history on my part since that is in fact my field. There are however, a lot of false doctrines out there in Abrahamic Religions today, that including that “Jews are God’s Chosen People”. This is why I referenced biblical verses from the Torah, specifically Deut. 28th and Eze. 26th regarding the blessings and curses that befell the Israelites. And not in one verse in the word J E W inferred, implied, nor called by the Yah of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel that Israelites are to be called Jews. Judah was NEVER referred to as JEWS. And when one has studied history for as long as I have, including historical sources, Jews never went through the lost of their heritage, not once, not ever. So, I beg your pardon, but there is no misunderstanding on my part on the context of the scriptures.

        The entire Hebrew Bible is filled with the Israelites going in and out of slavery, and that has NEVER happened to J E W S. And the verses in your response, I agree with, and that still doesn’t deal with Jews currently in Israel.There is no peace since the “re-establishment of Israel” because as the verses I posted, Israelites are still scattered.

        And I know of Romans 11:28, but there is also Romans 11 where Yah said Israel was not forgotten. The point of my post was that Israelites were not a perfect people, which is why they went into slavery for being disobedient. I will not overlook what the Torah said about Israelites losing their heritage because that is the biggest indicator, as written and prophesied by Moshe himself, that Israel would lost their entire heritage for their disobedience. And nothing in contemporary history indicates that Jews experienced this. This is why I said Yah is not a liar, but man is.

        Additionally, when I referenced what Yeshua said about coming for the lost sheep of Israel, he meant literally the lost sheep of Israel, not referencing Gentile Christian Israel. During that time, the Israelites were still “known” in Yeshua’s timeline. And I never said, nor implied that Yah wasn’t walking with His people, which is why the verse you posted from Deut 7, and I’ll reference Deut 27th shows that Yah loved His people eternally.

        There is no denial by me that Yah is my Heavenly Father, Yeshua is the Son of the Living and my Savior. The question is, will the so called believers of Yeshua HaMashaich truly love Israel when the truth comes out? Will the loving flock be obedient to Yah’s word or their own prejudices? I highly doubt it because the most telling sign is going against the word of Yah with false doctrines and history of the Israelites.

      2. Dear EC


        You wrote:

        The point of my post was that Israelites were not a perfect people, which is why they went into slavery for being disobedient.

        My reply:

        I am happy, that I finally have found a man who is perfect.

      3. To add, Romans 11 Paul wrote about the redemption of the Israelites. Paul never called himself JEW, but an Israelite from the tribe of Benjamin. He was a Pharisee as well. Clear distinctions are made in the very word of Yah according to each nation referenced in the Bible. The pattern of slavery used as punishment for Israelites began in the Gen 15 where Yah revealed to Abraham about his descendants going into slavery whenever they disobeyed Yah. Egypt is right next door to Canaan (Israel), therefore Abraham knew the land of Egypt, in addition to Hagar/Ishmael. Yeshua was the blood sacrifice to redeem Israel, and the world back to worshiping and serving the one true God of Abraham, just as Abraham presented Isaac to Yah. The Abrahamic Religions were partly responsible and instrumental is scattering the Israelites to the 4 corners of the world. Abraham, Isaac, Israel, Joesph, Moses, Yeshua, Paul had one thing in common when it came to Egypt.

        2 Kings 17:24 is where the children of Israel was replaced by the people of Assyria, (Iran, Iraq, Armenia, & Turkey). Those were the Babylonian Jews. And Jewish origin comes from Judean-Jerusalem-Herodian-Idumea(Edomite)-Hasmonean-Babylon.

        Psalms 83:2-5 verses are of David prophesying about Israel being cut off as a nation. This never happened to Jews. It’s one thing to insult one’s intelligence, but to ignore and disregard biblical prophesy is blasphemous.

      1. Andy, no, I’m not in dangerous territory at all. Nothing I’ve written is blasphemous. Again, no peace in the middle east because Israel is still scattered according to the verses I’ve posted, bible prophesy, and how must Jews, ergo european Jews did not lose their entire history, language, customs, not cut off from bring a nation, ergo psalms 87. Read the verses I posted, again. John 7 chpt about Yeshua being afraid of Jews trying to kill him. Why would he be afraid of his own people if he came to save them? Yeshua said my sheep would know my voice, and that is more than being a believer and being a Christian. It’s about recognizing him through the everlasting covenant. Lev. 28 has the same verses as Deut 28th. Jews did not experience the curses for disobedience of the Most High in Mosaic Law.

        Don’t accuse me of being hateful and a liar when I’ve studied this history for years. It was Most High who opened my eyes to this truth. It’s why there is NO PEACE in the holy land. Israel, the people have not returned. When Israelites fell due to disobedience, Jews, 2Kings17:24 took over Israel because Yah said his people disobeyed his commandments. It is right there. In Jeremiah 18, Yah said I gave Jews the law and they disobey, but notice the distinct differences between Israelites and Jews.

        Most High never referred to House of Jacob; Israel as Jews.

      2. Ekc


        You wrote:

        Most High never referred to House of Jacob; Israel as Jews.

        My reply:

        Lets try some other versions, and see if they fit better on the Jews.

        House of Osama.

        House of Obama

        House of Babel

        House of Mickey Mouse.

        Please chose whatever suits you and your doctrines.

        Jew-hate will not be tolerated on this site. Those who like to demonize the people living inside Israel today will be banished.

      3. And still Ivar, no counter verses to rebut my posts, only corny jokes by you. The house of Jacob isn’t Jewry. Still no peace in the middle east via scriptures.

      4. Dear Ekc.


        The House of Jacob are the Jews. They are a house that includes the good, the bad and the ugly. They have been chosen by God, and HE is NOT a failure. He has gathered them home to Israel.

        Which Bible are you reading?

        Where in the book of Daniel, the Gospel of Luke 21, Matthew 24 an the book of Revelation is Jesus the Messiah speaking about “peace” just before His second coming?

        Is Satan happy about the rebirth of Israel?

      5. Ivar, I don’t hate Jews like Jews hate others. Such hypocrisy. Posting the truth by HAVING UP MY POSTS Like I’ve posted to you before, don’t accuse me if hate when nothing i’ve said is hateful. Funny how you can’t go to the verses to prove me wrong. It’s funny how this post made it to my inbox, when I just read an article regarding reform Jews supporting homosexuality. In case you want aware, Jews are not above reproach. Matter of fact, the Israelites in the verses stood strong on the entire word of the Most High, and when challenged, they stood stronger on Hebrew verses than whiny Jews do today.

      6. Ivar, I never called nor implied the Most High was a failure, so do not put words in my post. Now where is the verses where the Most High directly called Israelites, Jews? Nowhere.

        I never called the house of a Israel perfect, since they were a flawed group of people not on airs of perfection. They were punished severely for their disobedience. You keep missing the entire point of my posts, so pretty me clarify, I believe the nation of Israel is of the Most High, but the Jews in Israel are not the ones restoring peace. I believe Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. And I believe the Most High when he says Israel was scattered abroad. I believe Israel is the center of the world, Ezek.38:12.

      7. Dear ekc


        You wrote:

        I believe the nation of Israel is of the Most High, but the Jews in Israel are not the ones restoring peace. I believe Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. And I believe the Most High when he says Israel was scattered abroad.

        My comment:

        That leaves us with to possibilities.

        1. God of the Hebrews did not understand who the Jews are, when He gathered a lot of people back from all nation in and around 1948.

        2. You are wrong.

      8. Wrong on both questions, Ivar. As I’ve written before, Good isn’t a liar, and I will never call him one. I understand the corruption of man, and how far people will go to protect a lie. And since Israel became a states on 1948, ironically, there is still war, and no peace, contradiction the law of return.

      9. As a Christian, I don’t know when i have had peace from my adversary, Satan. Even in the Bible,as the chosen people within the Bible,people never had peace..they only had/have they’re faith in God.

        God’s grace is sufficient… or your relationship with him is your peace..

        Muslims hates Jews.

        The people in the Israel are Jews by birth not necessarily by religion and that is why they will be/are susceptible to the abominations of desolation s..

      10. ekc.


        Than I have to conclude that your feel the formation of Israel in 1948, is a fruit of Satan. And that you await this statehood to be destroyed, so that a proper Israel can be formed, and the true Jews return home.

        Please confirm, or explain.

      11. Ivar, you’ve come to the wrong conclusion, and are not reading my posts regarding my support for the state of Israel. Why in the world would Jews claim the law of return and prophesy fulfilled when the majority of Israel has not returned? I’ve said I believe in the Most High, and that I knows he’s not a liar. However, men, deeply entrenched and powerful men in high places have lied and distorted the truth for so long, that most wouldn’t recognize the truth if if was presented to them. There is a saying that truth us hidden in plain sight. Based on years of research, guidance from the holy spirit, and of course the history and scriptural evidence, those people calling themselves Israeli and Jews are not the literal seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel because the mark upon his people was told on the Torah. Besides,there should be peace in that region, and there is none. Those people over there are on a different plan.

        Refrain from trying to put me in some anti semitic box.

      12. Amen…….Many many people are joining the World…Some Christians are being told that God is a loving God and He may send people to hell but he won’t leave them there for Eternity…”So bottom line, there are still more and more lining up to side with the World and their beliefs to bring in as many Believers as possible…those especially that will not lift the Word of God no further than to say they have one, but rely on their parents and/or the ‘Religious Leaders of the World….God forbid one tell that Billy Graham (and his Son Franklin) have stopped telling folks Mormons are a Cult…with so many others that give the Believers a ground to stand on are this..”But look at how many people they have at their Church, it can’t be all wrong! ”
        Sad to say, it’s even a joke to say ‘let me leave or so and so will try to keep me out of hell with all my friends…ha ha”…as they laugh..”
        Yet declare the Word of God as their faith, believing they will only go to Hell for a short time, be punished then sent on to Heaven…(or to rule and reign on Earth with Jesus for a thousand years)….Way to go Religious Leaders you’re helping Satan to bring in many sheep!, Just like the Catholic Church has done for centuries! …Run Run to Jesus less you fall for Hell’s Torment for Eternity…..all that reject God’s Word and/or twist it to suit their own bellies of flesh!

      13. EC. You state above that the Jews never went into slavery:

        “Jews never went through the lost of their heritage, not once, not ever. So, I beg your pardon, but there is no misunderstanding on my part on the context of the scriptures.

        The entire Hebrew Bible is filled with the Israelites going in and out of slavery, and that has NEVER happened to J E W S.”

        I suggest you read the book of Daniel. There you will see the record of the Jews 70 years of captivity in Babylon.

      14. Philmayo, Daniel 9:1-2 states the desolation of Jerusalem lasting 70 years, not captivity. Jer.29:4-14, the end of Babylonian rule, and God fulfilling his promise to restore Israel street exiling them for being rebellious. Psl 137 talks about they’re goal to keep hope alive and not assimilate into Babylonian life.

  2. wow i cant believe most comments 0_o , have you ever heard?the scepter will not depart from juda? how can u thing yahuda(juda)(jews) are not still chosen? dont u know that all israel shall be save? this include juda. puff puff your head you that are grafted.

  3. Thank you Ivar, for writing this post. It is true, many people do not realise that coptic religion is not the same as those who follow Messiah Yeshua. It is very similar to Roman Catholism instead.

  4. Ivar
    the verse you cited from Isaiah 8:14, isn’t that verse speaking of the Lord?, for it says in verse 13 The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, he is the one you are to fear, he is the one you are to dread, 14.And he will be a sanctuary; for both houses of Israel he will be a stone that causes men to stumble and a rock that makes them fall. And for the people of Jerusalem he will be a trap and a snare. Isaiah was referring to the Lord Jesus who was to come in his future. And he did come and he was stone that caused men to stumble and a rock that made them fall and for the the people of Jerusalem he was a trap and a snare. This verse is not apllying to this pope your writing about.

  5. I know I’m Johnny-come-lately, but I was reading the post where the person was saying that the Israelite of the Bible “were not the current day Jews?1?” And the writer also said that no where in the Bible “..does the Most High call Israel a Jew?!?”

    Jer 34:9 That every man should let his manservant, and every man his maidservant, [being] an Hebrew or an Hebrewess, go free; that none should serve himself of them, [to wit], of a Jew his brother.

    This reference indicates that Israel and Jews are an interchangeable designation for the People of the Holy Land today…

      1. No, philmayo, the Jews today do not call themselves Israelites. The ones born in Israel call themselves Israeli and they still call themselves Jews. They’ve never called themselves Israelites.

      2. Ben, this person ekc admitted that he is not a Christian. Since he is not a Christian, he can’t answer in truth. So ignore what he says.

        Because the truth is, that the Jews of today can be called Jews and Israelites. They are two names for the same one people.

      3. I discerned his (ekc) spirit was not that of the Holy Spirit…
        I was doing some research online to find that ppl that tried to say the current day Israeli are not the true Israelites from the Bible, are the supporters of Muslims or the Islamic faith..
        The atrocities by the hand of Hitler was nothing less than the attempt to annihilate the Jews once and for all. Then to say that these are not the modern day Jews that are living in Israel – it is a different type of atrocity…. This type of atrocity (denouncing the authenticity of the modern day Jew); while referring to the Jews, is aimed at the rest of the world in an attempt to decieve those that would otherwise help the Jews.

      4. Ben, I believe in Yeshua as the Son of the living God. Most Jews do not. I recognize the living word of God is Yeshua as John 1:1. You are not the author of my faith. I am not and never will be a Mohammedan. I do not believe in Mohammed as a prophet because he was a vile human being,a fraud, and demon filled. Clear?

        And invoking the holocaust is such a weak response. Really it is. don’t call me a liar because I’ve never implied a thing about the holocaust. I’ve actually met a few holocaust survivors, do don’t you dare bare witness accuse me without proof, ”Christian”.

      5. Wrong, Andy. You are aware that Messianics Jews believe in Yeshua as the Son of God. I grew up Christian, so like Jews, you’re not the expert on the works of God. As I’ve written before, Jews do not call themselves, nor ever referred themselves as Israelites, nor use it interchangeably.

    1. Ben, the preceding verses is about the battle between the king of Judah and the king of Babylon (Jews) were on holy land of Israel. You still don’t notice where God never refers to Jews as Israelites, doesn’t refer to Jews as the children of Israel. The Jews came from Babylon, and merged with Edomites, eventually.

      1. @ec… so when the Bible says that the people of Israel are going to be duped and are going to accept the abominable one who will set himself up to be God in the abomination of desolations,..are you saying that the true Israelites are still to come back to the now Israel,displace the current so-called 2012 Israelis so that the Bible can precede with it’s prophecies of the Jewish ppl being deceived?

      2. Back when I was a Christian, I believed in the doctrine of Jews getting the chosen people of God, and the awesomeness of Israel becoming a statehood again. That it’s until I started to question why there was so much war, divisiveness, and strife still going on in the holy land. I don’t believe in mohammedanism and never will because Mohammed was a vile man and a fraud. The entire ideology of mohammedanism is contradictory to the word of God.

        So I started to pray because I said God I love Israel, I’ve read the Bible and history, and yet still confusion when there shouldn’t be. Where is the peace? Why do I feel like something is missing, this elephant in the room no one wants to acknowledge. As much as I read the new testament, God guided me back to the old testament and kept me there. It was the holy spirit that opened my eyes. Then I spoke to biblical scholars, off the record, since most would be condemned as getting anti Jew, which is a lie. And that it’s when I noticed glaring differences between Israelites and Jews, and the biblical prophesy playing out throughout history.

        The biggest lesson from the garden of Eden is deception, disobedience, spiritual death. How the snake, nature of the deceiver, not literal, came as an angel of light appearing before Adam and Eve as harmless, while undermining, manipulating, and deceiving them to disobey God.

        when Yeshua was in fear of the Jews who did not believe in him in John 7, how come he fled from them if they’re his people? I’ve noticed Christians keep skipping this key chapter. If one converts to judaism, does that makes one the literal seed of Abraham, and the chosen people of Israel?

        And I know the hateful, demonic spirit behind mohammedanism, and they’re not His people either. Ishmael was not the chosen son, Isaac was. Mohammedans are following a Arab pagan god from Arab, Persian, and Hindu mythology, and Mohammed was a demon filled liar.

      3. ekc.
        You are waffling in order to avoid admitting you are wrong. I never mentioned “Israelites”. You claimed that “J E W S” never went into slavery. Daniel was a J E W, and he and his people went into slavery in Babylon. They also went into slavery under the Romans. Your arguments are based on a lack of biblical knowledge.

      4. Philomayo, Daniel was an Israelite from the tribe Judah. I’m not waffling over a thing, but answering each post. The Jews are not the the literal seed of Abraham. Try reading your Holy Bible instead of losing this argument with me.

      5. Ekc


        You wrote:

        The Jews are not the the literal seed of Abraham.

        My comment:

        I have had enough of this non Biblical ideology of yours.

        The Jewish people do not need to be defamed by a “former Christian”, who now clam to be knowing who the Jews are.

        Stop defaming the Jewish people. Many wicked and religious people have done this in the past. This is one example.

        Ezra 4:12
        The king should know that the Jews who came up to us from you have gone to Jerusalem and are rebuilding that rebellious and wicked city. They are restoring the walls and repairing the foundations.

        You need to repent. Religious antisemitism is not going to be permitted on this site. If I see no repentance, your next message will be spammed.

      6. Dear all readers.


        Ekc has been spammed for Jew-hate.

        Please stand up for Israel. Support the Jewish people, and love them enough to give them the gospel.

      7. ekc.
        Daniel 5:13 “Then was Daniel brought in before the king. And the king spake and said unto Daniel, Art thou that Daniel, which art of the children of the captivity of Judah, whom the king my father brought out of JEWRY ?”

        I see you’ve been spammed. Maybe you would care to eat it between two slices of the true bread of heaven !

  6. i know this is an old thread and my reply is late but…

    perhaps you all should search out both Ariella Oppenheim (spelling?) and Eran Elhaik’s GENETIC researches as to whom the modern-day European Jews are which comprises 95% of “Jewry”;

    try reading “The 13th Tribe” by Arthur Koestler; “From Babylon to Timbuktu” by Rudolf Windsor; “The Invention of the Jewish People” by Professor Shlomo Sand. there are others whose names i cannot recall.

    the word Jew is only about 200 years old; and yes it is true that the European Jews refer to themselves as Israeli not Israelite; read in one of their almanac’s under “Identity Crisis” in which they clearly admit they are not the Ancient Israelites.

    Yshrael remains scattered and persecuted and oppressed; having lost our identity as a people. we are NOT ruling the world by banking or any other means. our deliverance comes when Yahusha Ha Mashiach returns.


  7. Pope Shenounda is right,,,the Pharisees/Talmudic “Jews” are called “Not my people” but the believers in Jesus are called “Sons of the living God” now,,Jesus took the kingdom of God away from the Pharisaic Jews and gave it to his Disciples to be passed down by laying on of hands,,,the keys to the kingdom of God, the power of binding and loosing and the power to forgive sin was given to the church ,,,the true Israelites called all nations to come into the new covenant and they did and God made one new man called christian,,,the old name Jew was left as a by word and a curse for Gods chosen ones,,,the chosen people are the Christians,,,the new testament is clear,,we are the chosen race, the royal priesthood, there is a new Jerusalem and the Messiah is King of it,,,the old Jerusalem is called Sodom and Egypt,,,the chosen people are those who believe in Jesus the Messiah,,,who is the liar,,,its he who denies that Jesus is the messiah he is the anti Christ who denies the father and the son,,, he who has not the son has not the father,,,if you dont believe in the son then you dont believe in the father,,,the Jews of today are cut off from God,,,they are broken off branches who stand condemned before a holy God,,,he who does not believe is CONDEMNED ALREADY,,,Also the Jews made it part of their religion to curse Jesus and call him a witch who did miracles by the power of the devil thats the unpardonable sin,,,they are doomed.

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