1147 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel

1147 rockets in total were fired at Israel from Gaza so far in the six days of Operation Pillar of Defense, IDF Spokesman said on Tuesday morning.

Islamic terrorists keeps on firing rockets into Israel from an area of anarchy named Gaza.

332 of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome.

Source: Ynetnews.com

My comment:

Some time ago Benjamin Netanyahu told in public about a stern response to all “tinder boxes” flying into Israel from Gaza.

The question is:

What kind of response serve the purpose?

To bomb Gaza back to the Middle Age is an option. But the people in Gaza will still support the Hamas, and help the Islamic terrorists make more missiles.

The people of Gaza is even willing to kill their own children, if there is a way to put the blame for the murder on Israel.

Left with few options, the inner cabinet in Jerusalem seems to have chosen the lesser evil. For every rocket fired into Israel, Gaza is going a year backwards in time.  The people of Gaza have chosen the way towards doom and destruction. And doom and destruction is what they will get.

Sadly, the Jewish people are suffering because of International support for Islamic terrorism. The end of suffering is coming closer. The clock is surely ticking for the next Islamic rocket. But more important for the sudden return of the Messiah.

When God of Israel strikes and judge His enemies, the pain and suffering will be eternal.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “1147 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel

  1. Your absolutly right. and G-d said: NO ONE wIll have an excuse. He tells us in Genesis , 12:3 and all thru scripture that anyone who doesn’t bless and pray for Israel is Cursed. people don’t read the scritpture but have joined the enemies of Israel. They think they replaced Israel with G-d, but they can’t read. as scripture says they could be grafted in on the right tract to G-d. It is soon that Israel will do what it has to do, destroy Gaza and Damascus and like Ariel Sharon said, if they want to destroy us, we will take them with us. One rabbi said, WHEN Ariel Sharon dies, our Messiah will come. one thing for certain,, it will be soon. Pray without ceasing and stay in the word as the devil romes around stealing, killing and destroying. the last Prophecy is the apostasy in the church and daily we see that and they too will be destroyed. Matthew reminds us in the 25 chapter tells us whoever will give my brothers even a drink of water…and those who do not and do not support Israel will have their name removed forever..I wonder how so many millions can even not read the word , it is very clear..the beginning of Wisdom is to fear the L-rd,,but they don’t, like in the days of Noah.

  2. Three U.S. Navy amphibious warships are returning to the eastern Mediterranean to remain on standby in the event they are needed to assist Israelis leaving Israel in the coming months, according to two U.S. officials.

    The officials stressed an evacuation remains a fairly remote possibility and the Obama administration is not currently planning for one. Settlers who wish to leave the region now are able to do so using commercial airlines.

    But the decision to send the ships even if the event is such a remote contingency underscores the growing concern about where the Israel-Gaza conflict could be headed.

    “This is due diligence. It is better to be prepared should there be a need,” one official said Monday. Both officials said the ships would be used only for assisting evacuees and not for any alliance one way or the other. Passports will be inspected.

    You make sure you get outta there, ok? You can make it back home ok? You can push Chosen People/ Promised Land concept on-line at Starbucks in Canada or somethin. Good luck.

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