Jordanian army blew up the Hurva synagogue in 1948

During British rule in Jerusalem the Hurva Synagogue was the most important in Israel. In 1948, the invading Jordanian army blew it up.

Jordan destroyd sites of Judaism when the Muslims occupied the city from 1948 to 1967
Jordan destroyed sites of Judaism when the Muslims occupied the city from 1948 to 1967

The Hurva, whose name means «ruin» was initially built by disciples of Rabbi Judah Hahasid in the early 18th century. It was destroyed shortly thereafter by Muslims demanding the return of loans given to build the synagogue.

After it was rebuilt in the mid-19th century, it became the most important synagogue in the country, but it was blown up in 1948 by the Jordan Legion a few days before the fall of the Jewish Quarter in the War of Independence.

In 2001, after years of debate, the government decided to restore the building.

Now Orthodox Jews and Ultra-Orthodox Jews have a debate on what kind of services should be offered in the restored synagogue. Should it be come a closes place of worship, or should it also be open to women and tourists.

Those who wants an open house of prayers, say the reconstructed synagogue should present the historical saga of the Jewish Quarter, display archaeological finds unearthed there, and be fully accessible to tourists, men and women together. The group wants to prevent a round-the-clock kollel (yeshiva for married men) from opening there, which would preclude any other activity.

However, for the ultra-Orthodox, the matter is unequivocal: “The question is whether this will be a synagogue and a house of study, or a display of all sorts of foolishness,” the Jewish Quarter’s rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl said on an ultra-Orthodox Web site.

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz.

My comment:

The Jordanian Kingdom of Islam showed its true colors in 1948. In a bid to delete the Jewish heritage in East Jerusalem, the invaders from the East blew up and destroyed 55 Synagogues and Jewish religious schools.

During the seize and Islamic occupation from 1948 to 1967, the Jewish people were not given access to this Apartheid state in East Jerusalem, and the so-called West Bank. It had become a closed Muslim zone, and a model for the racist state a new promoted Arab Palestinian statehood would look like.

In 1967 East Jerusalem was liberated by the Zionist state, and the city was again open to people of all faiths.

The Hurva Synagogue must be kept open to all lovers of israel and the Jewish people, tourists like me. The Government of Israel must display the evil of the Jordanian army. Let this place of worship forever be a testimony of how Islam tried and still tries to delete the Jewish heritage of East Jerusalem.

First published in 2009

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “Jordanian army blew up the Hurva synagogue in 1948

  1. Why wasn’t the al-aqsa mosque blown up in June 1967 in revenge for the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem
    ‘The Hurva Synagogue’ which was blown up by Trans-Jordanian Army togetherwith the other 57 Synagogues which were also destroyed as were 38,000 Jewish tombstones on the mount of Olives,so as to obliterate every last vestige of a thriving jewish community which existed in that city untill the siege of east Jerusalem ended and the expulsion of all the city’s jewish citizens to the safety of West jerusalem.If The arabs can destroy jewish property, it’s only fair that their Al-Aqsa mosque should have also been obliterated from memory.

    1. Dear Samir.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      You are asking a very valid question.

      In my opinion, the Temple Mount can not be blown up. Because it is the International temple of all Faiths, that is to come in Jerusalem. The seat of the very last anti-Messiah.

      Moshe Dayan and his forces liberated the Al Aqsa Mosque and the so-called Holy Basin in 1967. Only to return the sites back to Islam a few days later. Dayan later explained that the state of Israel could only survive if it sincerely worked for peace with the Arabs.

      If it was God the Father`s will that the Mosque was going to be destroyed, and the third Jewish Temple to be raised in Jerusalem, the Jews missed the bus in 1967.

      1. Dan 9:27 refers to a Jewish Temple(also 2Thes 2:3&4). If the Mosque is not destroyed, how is it possible for the Jews to offer sacrifices in the Mosque?
        New World Order is unification of all Religions. Could it be that the present Mosque is destroyed and a “compromise” Temple is built thro 7 year “Peace Treaty” mediated by the man of sin, the anti-christ,in which Jews and others worship together and later, he demands direct worship of himself by all only to be destroyed by the Lord Jesus Christ?

  2. I googled my way here, following today’s riots after the reopening of the Hurva.

    It amazes me that people are buying the Palestinian crap about “Jews never lived here! Oh, this synagogue? that’s just something Mohammed built so he can park his horse in a Jewish holy site!”

    1. Dear Ofernicus.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Thanks for this comment. There is a lot of deceptions going on. And I guess we have been warned in advance. Jesus said: Many will come in many name, and try to deceive even the elect, if possible.

      People have to chose, Heaven or Hell. The people who are bound for Hell will end up in the lake of fire by default. They chose to call Jesus a liar.

      In regards to the Jews, God of the Bible used them as His tool of Judgment. If you harm a Jew, you touch the apple of His eye. Feel free to do so, with the tragic consequences you will have to face for eternity.

  3. Should I also add that there was an agreement between Israel and the Jordanians that Jewish places of worship would be left intact by the Arab armies.

    Yeah, now that lasted for long…

    1. Dear Jonathan.

      Shalom, and welcome back with a fresh comment.

      A very good point. The Kingdom of Jordan says that the PLO will take care of the Jewish places of worship in East Jerusalem.

      Can we believe them, or should we take a look back into what happened in East Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967?

      The International community (US and UN) promised Israel, that If the Jews left Gaza, than the Arab Palestinians would leave Israel alone. No more war, put peace.

      Can we ever again believe such voices, or actually learn from what Islam actually say about Jews?

  4. Wasn’t it the family of the present rulers of Jordan (Trans-Jordan) that helped Lawrence of Arabia destroy the last Islamic Caliphate (Ottoman Empire) in the Great Arab Revolt of 1916 during WWI?

    The Hashemites used to rule Hejaz with Mecca and Medina in Arabia but lost it to the Saudis. The British out of sympathy gave the eastern part of the holy land as compensation.

    It’s bad that Israel issued a stamp in memory of Jordan’s King Hussein given the desecrations done in Jerusalem by Jordan. The only reason why the dome of the rock and al-aqsa were spared was because the wailing wall (western wall) was found unharmed.

    1. Dear John Gilbert.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      This was a very interesting comment. You are perfectly right. Without an end to the last Islamic Caliphate (Ottoman Empire) there would neither have been a free Kingdom of Jordan, nor a republic of Syria.

      Let me also remind my readers that the last Islamic Caliphate committed genocide, in fact the first Holocaust of modern times. 1,5 million Armenians were slaughtered inside today´s Turkey in 1915-1916. Turkey deny this genocide, but is anyhow promoted to become a member of the European Union.

      Iran promotes it self as the «Third Reich», the only Muslim nation who can re-establish the Islamic Caliphate. Thats why the Sunni Muslims are scared, and the Sunny Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has US Military bases. The present secular rulers of Arabic nations will get their heads cut of, if the Iranian revolution spreads out over the Middle East. Thats the purpose of Hamas and Hizbullah. Not only to kill the Jews, but to get the Revolution moving.

      Like in 1938, the Western Powers do not have proper knowledge, nor do they have the answers. Egypt has. Thats why they have sealed off their border with Gaza.

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