EU leaders blame Hamas for latest escalation

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said on Thursday Israel has a “legitimate right to defend itself”.

 William Hague and Guido Westerwelle agree that the Hamas is guilty of provoking Israel to take military action.

Westerwelle underlined that Israel has a right to protect its own citizens against rocket attacks from the Gaza strip.

Speaking at a conference in Paris, Westerwelle added: “Now it is necessary that everyone contributes to deescalating the situation.”

He called upon all parties involved to act “wisely” in an effort to deescalate the crisis.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague accused Hamas on Thursday of bearing responsibility for the latest escalation in the Gaza Strip. He demanded that Hamas stop firing on Israel but did not issue a similar call for an end to Israel’s operation.

“Hamas bears principal responsibility for the current crisis,” Hague said in a statement published by the Foreign Office in London. “I utterly condemn rocket attacks from Gaza into southern Israel by Hamas and other armed groups.”

Source: Haaretz and Jerusalem Post

My comment:

When hundreds of rockets is fired into Southern Israel, it is to late for European leaders to cry crocodile tears.

The EU has for years, through the United Nations, supplied the Hamas with money and equipment, making it possible for the Islamic terrorists to stay in power in Gaza.

Now, lets see if the EU will support Israel’s right to give the Hamas a final blow, and remove this cancer.

The problem is obvious. If the Hamas is removed, who shall take over the control over this area?  Before the Fascists in the Muslim Brotherhood was elected to power in Cairo,  Egypt was the best candidate. Now, such a hand over will just be handling the Jewish people over from the fire to the frying pan.

The EU, the USA and the UN has created this evil, that now threaten the very existence of the Jewish state.  If the West had not financed Islamic terrorism, this evil would never have flourished. The PLO would have been located in Tunisia up to this day, and probably faded away into the scrapyard of history ruled by its own incompetence.

Shame on all who have supported this built up of evil against the Jewish people.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “EU leaders blame Hamas for latest escalation

  1. I think that the Un and friends wamt Israel to destroy Hamas so that the two state can be forced on Israel. ran by the PLO or the Muslim Brotherhood. I think it will be none other than obama to give a fake 7 yr peace agreement which the muslim jihad will break..In the meantime the United states has over 35 jihad camps and also Russian troups training on our soil..they all want the one world government , which ten of those will rule. they are delibertly taking America down so the EU can rule. and old Tony Blair said they need a president of the world, which obama said he would like to be it or president of the UN. G-d is in control and we all know how it will end..pray for the peace of Jerusalem without ceasing. stay in the Word, it is our pathway to know what is going to happen and how it will end..Israel and those who love Her will be the winners.

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