Israel prepare to take out Hamas leadership

IDF begins Operation Pillar of Defense by deploying infantry forces to Gaza border.

The Israeli Military might get the order to look for and remove the political leadership of the Hamas.

The IDF on Wednesday opened a campaign to remove the rocket menace afflicting the South with the targeted killing of Hamas terror chief Ahmed Jabari.

Named Operation Pillar of Defense (in Hebrew, Operation Pillar of Cloud), the intense aerial strikes also targeted Hamas rocket arsenals throughout the Gaza Strip.

89 rockets exploded across southern Israel on Wednesday night, schools within 40 km. of the Gaza Strip were declared closed, and residents were urged to follow directives from the IDF Home Front Command. The Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted 28 rockets.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

For Israel, the doctrine of limited terrorism has failed.  To avoid a two-state-solution being enforced on the Jewish state, Jerusalem has accepted the Hamas-regime by nature.

A limited number of rockets fired into Southern Israel has been the price to pay, to avoid a bigger evil.

The PLO awaits the fall of the Hamas regime.  When Gaza is back under the control of Ramallah, there is no reason for why the United Nation shall not declare the formation of a “Palestine statehood”.

For all who read the Bible and accept the prophetic Word to be valid and true, this is just another example of how Israel will be forced to surrender Zionism.  All nations (UN) shall rise to right the chosen people of God.

She shall be left alone, crying out to the Messiah to come. He will come. But it is not going to be a pleasure for all who fought against Zion, and placed them self under the coming judgment.

If the IDF is ordered to remove the political leadership of the Hamas, something worse and more evil is in the pipeline.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Israel prepare to take out Hamas leadership

  1. But when you are hit on your left cheek, turn your right cheek towards your offender, only when your hands are bound, or else!

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