World has crowned suicide bombers and Jew hate with success

Two days after the Iranian revolution, PLO-leader Yasser Arafat payed a visit to his spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini.

The Master and his servant. Arafat visits his spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini
The Master and his servant. Arafat visits his spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini

They hoped and prayed that their reward for Jew hate and suicide bombers one day will be the end of the Jewish homeland.

This was the view of the PLO when it was founded in 1964. This is the view of the PLO, Hamas, Hizbullah and the Islamic republic of Iran today.

«In 1948 the state of Israel was proclaimed. Palestine was lost. But hock or by crock, we shall win back Palestine».

This is the more or less hidden political agenda behind 20 out of 22 Muslim nations refusing to recognized Israel. There will never be peace in an Islamic heart before the Jewish homeland is gone, and the land of Palestine is back in Arab hands.

Lets take a quick look at the modern day history of Islamic terrorism:

Holy War against the state of Israel:

PLO was formed in 1964. The agenda was to free «Palestine». If they meant that «Palestine» is the so-called West-Bank, there was no need to form the PLO in he first place. Because in 1964, this land was under the control of an Arabic state, ruled by Muslims. The Kingdom of Jordan.

Arafat kisses the Koran. Its a matter of pride for his god to take back Palestine
Arafat kisses the Koran. Its a matter of pride to take back «Palestine» for the sake of the spirit of Allah.

United front to demolish the Jewish state:

1974: The PLO was recognized as the sole representative of the Palestinians. All the existing Islamic terrorist organizations agrees to work together and form an united front against Israel.

Yasser Arafat receive blessings from the Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser
Yasser Arafat receive blessings from the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser

Terrorist invited to the United Nation:

13. November 1974: Yasser Arafat is invited to address the United Nations. Arafat gives his famous «Gun and the Olive Branch» speech.

The PLO leader was the first Islamic terrorist to speak in the United Nations
The PLO leader was the first Islamic terrorist to speak in the United Nations.

Arafat and Ayatollah Khomeini worked together against Zionism:

1979: The PLO supports the Islamic revolution of Iran. Just two days after the revolution, Yasser Arafat rushes to the Paris residence of Ayatollah Khomeini to greet his spiritual leader.

The kiss of death. Arafat adored his Master, Ayatollah Khomeini
The kiss of death. Arafat adored his Master Ayatollah Khomeini

PLO rescued from defeat by the Navy of France:

November 1983: The PLO leader was defeated in Tripoli in Lebanon, during an internal Palestinian civil war. But under protection by the US and France, the PLO-leadership and 4000 of their terrorists escaped, rescued out of Lebanon under the protection of French navel ships. PLO makes Tunisia the next PLO headquarter.

Yasser Arafat and PLO cripled Lebanon. Here the terrorist leader is in Beirut
Yasser Arafat and PLO crippled Lebanon. Here the terrorist leader is in Beirut

PLO supported Saddam Husseins invasion of Kuwait:

1990: The PLO supports Iraq`s invasion of Kuwait. Yassar Arafat and Saddam Hussein agrees to keep on fighting Zionism and Israel together.

PLO was a strong supporter of Saddam Husein, also after the invation of Kuwait
PLO was a strong supporter of Saddam Husein, also after the invasion of Kuwait
A terrorist organization and a terror state worked closely together
A terrorist organization and a terror state worked closely together

Terrorist leader gets the Nobel peace prize:

1994: The Islamic terrorist leader is crowed when receiving the Nobel Peace price in Oslo. Yasser Arafat, together with two former Israeli Prime Ministers Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin.

A total deception. A terrorist leader crowned with the Nobel peace price
The total deception. A terrorist leader crowned with the Nobel peace price.

Arafat´s best supporter hanged in Bagdad:

While Yasser Arafat got Nobel peace prize, Saddam Hussein ended his life by hanging in Bagdad. The execution took place at 02.36 AM, on December 30th 2006:

Yasser Arafat`s spiritual twin brother receiving his reward.
Yasser Arafat`s spiritual twin brother receiving his reward. Hanged by Muslim brothers.

First published: July 20th 2009.

Published by Ivar

19 thoughts on “World has crowned suicide bombers and Jew hate with success

  1. I see no problem in recognizing Israel as a state. But a Jewish state?
    What’s that all about?

    Obama has not choice but to oppose any attempts to promote a religious state.
    Blacks fought long and hard so they could sit at the front of the bus and eat in “whites only” lunch counters, It would be hypocritical to turn around and support the efforts to ethnically purify Israel

    Israels attempt to create a Jewish state sounds no different than the Chinese attempts to populate remote areas of their country with Han ethnic people to the exclusion of ethnic minorities. or the southern whites with their “whites only” policy

    In Arab countries like Saudi Arabia being a Muslim nation has led to a marginalization of people of other religions and bans on religious freedoms

    The United States should always stick up for religious and ethnic equality. It should not support an Israeli government whose goals are to seek advantages for particular race or religion .

    1. Dear Norris.

      Than I guess you have no objection to a future Islamic Republic of the USA? I mean, if the majority of the American people does vote for Sharia laws, I guess you would submit to them?

  2. When you describe Arafat as a terrorist receiving a Nobel Prize, perhaps you should take a deeper look at the Israelis who won that prize: Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Rabin are known terrorists! The former, as the former leader of the Irgun who are guilty of massacres such as that of Deir Yassin!

    Know your own history before judging others who are just there to defend the little that is left to them!

    1. Dear Dodzi.

      Shalom, and tanks for this comment. What is a difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter? Is it the medals they have got, or is it the goals they have achieved?

      Menachem Begin was one of the men who God of the Bible used to liberate Eretz Israel from British occupation. The state of Israel has within 61 years become the nation with the highest per capita income in the Middle East. A nation of freedom, hope and two million Israeli Arabs as its citizens, most of them Muslims.

      Yasser Arafat ended his life in a nest of rubble in Ramallah. Without anything, but violence, hate and unemployment around him. He got the Nobel Peace Prize because the World believed in his lies. Not any longer, my dear friend.

      1. Freedom fighter???????? Man this holy moly…. You didnt have balls to to even slap Nazi soldier and while wailing and lamenting you came to Palestine and Arabs allowed you to settle there and how you bombed the Arab villages, drove the people off their lands and bombed British delegates and stole 80% of Palestine, and you talk this ifs Freedom Fighting… May its called “Freedom Fighting” in your land, its called stealing by deceit in rest of the world….

      2. I’ve been a strong long-time supporter of Israel as a Jewish state, partly because of a Pro-Israel book on the 1967 war by a descendent of Winston Churchill’s and because of works like EXODUS by Leon Uris. That said, Uris is highly critical of the terrorist methods of the Irgun in EXODUS, so, as an Israel supporter, I cannot say I look favorably on Begin’s past. However, I do think Arafat is a scum of the first rank. Better a Jewish or a Christian state than a Muslim one or a leftist one. Muslims engage in terrorism and murder because Mohammed was himself a terrorist and a murderer. I much prefer Jesus and Moses, and so should all other people on this planet.

    2. jews just like alien..dont have any right on earth…many prophet are send to guide them but all have been killed..jews = stubborn

      1. Why would you think I hate Jewish people? I have Jewish and Israeli friends, I have Jewish family… You confuse fighting for human rights of the Palestinians with antisemitism… That strategy has been used too often it is getting old and rapidly dismissed!

        For instance, when Palestine won the UN vote on recognition as an Observer State, Bibi and his Moldavian friend Lieberman started touring Europe to remind them about the Shoah… Nothing plays better than guilt, but it doesn’t work anymore. Israel has gone too radical…

        It’s both in Israel and the region’s interests that Israel puts an end to the settlements. If it does so voluntarily, it will also be better for her!

      2. Dodzi.

        Describing Israel’s involvement in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) as occupation is purely Arab propaganda. Firstly because it was the Arabs (Jordan) who occupied it from ’48 to ’67, and the PLO was formed in ’64. Not to liberate the West Bank from Jordan, but to murder the Jews in UN legally recognized Israel. Proving that what the Arabs actually mean by ‘occupied Palestine’ is the entirity of the land from the river Jordan to the Mediterranean sea.

        Giving Palestinian Arabs Judea and Samaria will no more satisfy their demands and create peace, than did giving them Gaza, because there demand has never been anything less than the piece of land under every Jewish foot wherever they are. And in the case of those of Hamas and Hezbollah mentality, that means anywhere on the planet.

        God declared that he would bring the Jews back to this land in Ezekiel 36. He also declared his will for settling disputes over who should live where in Jeremiah 12:14-16. He owns the whole world, so to fight against him is madness.

  3. well you know , before 1948 , at the period 1920’s to 1947 the so-called-israel +west bank + Gaza strip was recognized internationaly as palestine , under UK mandate many jew immegrants managed to get this identity , joined UK armies , formed haganah and irgon zionist terrorist criminal gangs that’s are responsabile for massacres such as dodzi says , araft is known for the arab world as a national hero , even hamas after killing member of his faction and taking over Gaza couldn’t tell the opposite.
    Gevara was a freedom fighter and stalin was a terrorist they followed the same communist socialist ideology , and stalin made his country one of the strongest on earth , while guevara died without acheiving his goals , it’s what you fight for that matters if you are terrorist or not , I’m from Gaza and I have some USA and UK jew friends , now tell me how many zion have palestinian friends
    peace 🙂

    1. Dear Belal.

      Praise God for my friend from Gaza. Welcome back to this site.

      I am a Zionist and I have Arab Palestinian friends. I love them, and I care for them. I wish they could see that the Jewish Messiah Jesus have died for their sins, and in Him, both Jews and Arabs Palestinians will become one people. Not in Muhammad, the man that separates us, not units us.

      The Zionist state of Israel is far from perfect, and the Jews are sinners, all of them. Just like every Arab. But even sinners like Jewish Zionists, have had compassion on two million Arab Muslims. They are all Israeli Arabs, with citizenship in the state of Israel. They live in a free country, have their Mosques, and can practice their religion and culture.

      How did two million Muslims end up a citizens of the Jewish state of Israel?

      They simply refused to «evacuate» in 1948, but trusted David Ben-Gurion. He promised that the Jews would bless them if they did not harm the Jewish people, but helped them to rebuild Zion.

      They did the right thing.

      Dear Belal.

      The Israeli air liner El Al is not even permitted to fly over Saudi Arabia. Forget permission to settle, work or practice Judaism. The Jews can not even get a tourist Visa to countries like Iran and Pakistan.

      This is the sad state of affairs in the Arab World. I wish the Messiah will return to Planet Earth, and revoke all this injustice and evil.

    2. The Bible gave the entire land of Israel to the Jewish people. You have all the rest of the world to choose from. And know that Jesus Christ is God, He loves you, He died for your sins, and no other thing will pay for your sins, works can’t save. Jesus then rasied from death. Believing in Jesus as your Savior is the only way to heaven.

      1. Jews may think one way, then the Muslims believe another way and the Christians have their own religious interpretations.

        Israel is established. You have your state. Give one to the Palestinians as well. They will go nowhere, so by keeping the occupation going, you are heading towards chaos!

  4. 1. Arabs and Palestinians are BOTH CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM


    3. Muslims ACCEPT JESUS as the MESSIAH, not as Son of God like we Christian do.

    4. SANAA MEHAIDLI was CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX, as were many Suicide bombers from SSNP

    5. Dalal Moughrabi was not a suicide bomber she was killed in a shoot out.

    6. PLO was not “Muslim” it was actually created by a Christian Daoud Ashwari.

    7. Were the PFLP Christians also engaging in “Holy War” against Israel?


    This is about ARABS (Christian and Muslim) fighting against those who wanted to cleanse the Levant of all non-Jews. TELL ME WHY TO THIS DAY, THE ZIONISTS DO NOT SUPPORT A STATE WHERE CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS


    1. 1) “Palestinians” are Arabs.
      2) The first Christians were all Jewish people. Read the Bible. There are believing and unbelieving Jewish people, like all people groups.
      3) Islam rejects the truth that Jesus Christ is God. So islam has a fake “jesus” and a fake “god”.
      4) “Orthodox christian” is not true Christian. Works cannot save.
      5) Irrelevant.
      6) That’s a lie.
      7) Jesus never said to go on any “holy war”.

      Orthodox religion can’t get you into heaven.

      The Bible gave the entire land of Israel to the Jewish people. And know that Jesus Christ is God, He loves you, He died for your sins, and no other thing will pay for your sins, works can’t save. Jesus then rasied from death. Believing in Jesus as your Savior is the only way to heaven.

    2. Leila,

      You are right about it being Arabs against Jews (Ismail and Esau against Isaac and Jacob) If you understand that much, you should pick up the Bible and read the truth about this conflict, and about how God sees it, and how he will resolve it.

      You need to discard the lies about Jews wanting to cleans the Levant of non-Jews. History simply doesn’t support that. Jews have struggled to hold onto the tiny piece of land they have.

      Take a look at the real history of the Levant. If you are honest, you will have to admit that the 1920-22 San Rhemo agreements gave Israel far more land than they have today, and that is a direct result of Arabs breaking their agreements, and trying to ethnically cleans the Levant of Jews.

      For 400 years the Levant was under the control of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans were not Arabs. It was liberated by Western forces, and given back to Arabs and Jews in accordance with those agreements. Agreements that were recognised by the League of Nations and later the UN. So your people have no more claim to the Levant than do the Jews.

      Your last statement could only be made by someone who walks about with their eyes closed, or just doesn’t want to admit the truth. There are Muslims in the Knesset and in the Judiciary. There is a largely Christian political party under formation at this time by Avi Lipkin. I doubt you would find 10 Israeli Arabs who would prefer to live in Gaza or WB, unless you look in a mental institution!

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