Irish-TV: – Israel is a cancer steeling Arab land

A well-known Irish broadcaster has referred to Israel as a “cancer” in foreign affairs as it “stole land from the Arabs.”

A well-known Irish broadcaster has referred to Israel as a “cancer” in foreign affairs as it “stole land from the Arabs.”

In a topical discussion about the final American presidential debate last week – which focused on foreign policy – Vincent Browne, the host of Ireland’s TV3 “Tonight” program, complained that the “issue of Israel” was hardly mentioned.

“Israel,” he said. “Is the cancer in foreign affairs.” He added that Israel “polarizes the Islamic community of the world against the rest of the world.

“Unless you deal with the problem of Israel and the Palestinians, there’s going to be conflict and disharmony. It’s a massive injustice, they [Israel] stole the land from the Arabs,” he maintained.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Roman Catholic Irishmen are some of the most committed preachers of replacement theology.

The idea if that God of the Bible is finished with the Jews, His chosen people. Every promise given to the Jewish patriarch were given to the Pope, and transported to al who obey the papacy.

Believing in such an ideology, open up a cane of worms. If the Jews are cursed, why not kick them?

Believers of replacement theology, see the Jewish state of Israel a nuisance, a statehood that must be deleted. When Radical Islamic groups cripple and kill Jews, all Catholics feel it is explainable.

Since the Jews “stole the land from the Arabs”, Muslims killing Jews are doing the dirty work of the Catholic “Father, son and holy Spirit”. 

But a godhead disconnected from God of the Hebrews, is representing yet another copy-cat kingdom of “god”. It is a falsehood, and behind it all: Satan.

 Genesis 48:3-5
Jacob said to Joseph, “God Almighty appeared to me at Luz in the land of Canaan, and there he blessed me  and said to me, ‘I am going to make you fruitful and will increase your numbers. I will make you a community of peoples, and I will give this land as an everlasting possession to your descendants after you.’

Do not submit to the papacy, but renounce his claimed authority and all his deeds of darkness.

Give your life to Jesus the Messiah. He loves you, and have the power to save you. Amen.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Irish-TV: – Israel is a cancer steeling Arab land

  1. This man is smoking something or his elevator don’t go to the top! (or someone paid him to be a Traitor to Jesus Christ and Israel!

  2. Thats quite funny when one considers that Irish immigrants are living in Australia, Canada and America amongst other places in the world, who did they get the land from? Their ancestors nicked it so they could live on it.

  3. The cancer is The Beast, it is not accepting that The Messiah gave Israel back to the Jews, we all witnessed it on the news. No one will be able to deny it on Judgement Day, and pretending to be asleep is also not going to help.

    Israeli authorities in Israel should fall under The Messiah’s leadership and denounce all doctrines defiling The Holy Word, for instance, the West that cut The Messiah up into three pieces and called it the Holy Trinity, meaning three individual Gods ??? which is actually the three Roman gods, the three unclean frogs shown in the Book of Revelations, that is The Beast !!! this is the cancer !

    God works in three Offices He is not three separate persons. Denying that Jesus is The Great Creator Who Is God Almighty is the cancer !!!!!

    Israel looks like a thorn on the map, and that thorn is stuck in the flesh of every Gentile on the planet, even stuck in the flesh of all the Jews on the planet !!!!!

    People must wake up, “Christianity” is death, while Christianity is LIFE, the powers that be denounced LIFE through the ages and the masses are now trapped in a global prison due to wrong living, lies from below make up the cancer !

    The Jews got into bed with the great whore and how can this thing now be fixed ? it produced lots of cancers, a defiled mind and soul.

    ***READ**** The Messiah seals in 144,000 Jews as they never defiled themselves through the generations, the world is supposed to treasure this great event, these people are guarenteed Eternal Life and who dare argue with this !!!!!

    On those grounds Israel must be protected, as not all Jews are chosen Jews, who can argue against God Almighty ?

    The Beast argues against that and that is where all the cancer is coming from ! The earth was never created for sinners, remember ? And everything you see and touch also does not belong to anyone except God, remember ? What is a sinner, a sinner is a person who does not believe that Jesus is The Christ, The Messiah, God Almighty ! Why did He say sell everything you have and follow me ? Because nothing belongs to us in the first place ! We were all supposed to live by Faith and He provides according to His Will, NOT, our will. and a global prison would never have taken place, we are now caught in a noose because we never followed ! No Faith.

    We are made in His Image and we dare to dictate to Him !!!! Imagine His wrath !? Imagine a child standing up in his cot and tells his dad to get lost he does not need him, same scenario, no one can live or breath without The Saviour, how can that child feed himself and teach himself if he has no dad to care. A Father provides an inheritance for His children, and who are we to argue against The Great I Am ?

    As it was in Noah’s day so is it now. The Kingdom of God is within you and He seals you off and the rest He takes care of as the government is upon His Shoulders.

  4. How many of you know…… that “when the United Nations” offered Israel a “state'” of its own–it agreed. When the UN offered the Palestinians a “state” of it’s own–it refused. The problem? The Palestinians wanted it all! All the territory that Israel would have gotten as well as their own. All Arab countries walked out of the General Assembly of the United Nations en masse–they didn’t vote “no”…they didn’t “abstain”. They just walked out. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?May 15, 1948 Israel was declared a “state. The next day (May 16) Arab countries (Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt invaded the brand new country of Israel in support of the Palestinians…AND LOST. Then in 1967 Egypt, Syria and Jordan invaded Israel. AND LOST. Then in 1973—Egypt and Syria again invaded Israel during Yom Kippur the Holiest Day in the Jewish Calendar when Jews were praying in the synogue they didn’t expect a sneak attack by the Arabs. Again the Arabs LOST! Please NOTE:
    Had the Palestinians accepted the UN offer for a Palestinian state these wars would not have occured–the Palestinians would have had a home-land…Israel would have given them lots of aids and advice on how to make their land flourish as Israel’s has. IMPORTANT NOTE; As long as ARAB COUNTRIES WANT ISRAEL “DESTROYED,”there can be NO PEACE TREATY.”

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