Cardinal: Possible to be good Confucian and a Catholic

Cardinal Tong feels it is possible for Chinese to be both a good Catholic and a good citizen raised in Confucian values.

The Pope ordain Bishop Tong as new Cardinal. His task is to lead the Chinese towards submission of the authority of the “Holy see”.

Cardinal John Tong, Archbishop of Hong King called a recent proposal to establish a commission that would open dialogue between the Holy See and mainland China “a great hope for the future.”

Cardinal Tong also noted Cardinal Filoni’s article highlighted the positive effects that religious freedom has in civil society.

“There is a potential consonance between being a good Catholic and being a good citizen. Our old traditions based on Confucian thought push the individual to correct themselves to live in harmony and in respect towards one’s own family, society and the entire world,” he said.

Cardinal Tong adore a relic of the late John Paul II, a piece of his “holy hair”.

“Now, the following of Jesus produces precisely these effects, freeing us from selfishness and materialism and leading us to love our neighbor. Even the government could recognize and appreciate this: if the Church is given to allow her faithful to grow in freedom, so that they can be really good Catholics, even society benefits.”


My comment:

Who’s is this man the Cardinal compare to the Son of God?

Chinese philosopher Confucius Master Kong”, (551–479 BC).

The core of Confucianism is humanism,the belief that human beings are teachable, improvable and perfectible through personal and communal endeavour especially including self-cultivation and self-creation.

What does Jesus say about a claimed shepherd like Confucius?

John 10:8
All who ever came before me were thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them.

The Vatican needs to have the Chinese on board to establish the One World religion.  A commission established between the “Holy see” and the Government in Beijing will surly be able to work out a compromise.

You can be sure that there will be a perfect mix of Catholicism, Confucianism and Communism. A new CCC.

The Cardinal do not mention some important issues in this press release.

1. The calling for free elections as a part of democracy.
2. The right to establish political parties.
3. The constitutional right to freedom of expression.
5. The right to register free media, which are not censored by the ruling party.

Why do not the claimed to be truth seekers in the Vatican highlight such issues in contact with the Chinese authorities?

The truth is painful.

To become the global “prince of peace”, the Pope need  to find  compromises with all kind of dictators on the surface on the Earth. There will be no preaching about sin, and the need for repentance. No preaching about Jesus, not Confucius being the way to Heaven.

The Cardinal is coming to the Chinese with a false Christ, a copy of Jesus of the Bible. They walk in a deceptive spirit presented as the Holy Spirit, and preach a different gospel.

Those who accept this falsehood, will be lead towards the broad gates that leads to the fire of Hell.

The Roman Catholic priesthood is not on the narrow path, not at all representing God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The Vatican serves Lucifer and  his plan to control the whole World.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar


2 thoughts on “Cardinal: Possible to be good Confucian and a Catholic

  1. >>Cardinal Tong feels it is possible for Chinese to be both a good Catholic and a good citizen raised in Confucian values.< You can be sure that there will be a perfect mix of Catholicism, Confucianism and Communism. A new CCC.

  2. Catholicism is from the devil. It is an antichrist religion based on self-righteous works, so catholicism cannot save. It joins up with other religions, because catholicism belongs to the fallen world, not to Jesus, who is the only way to heaven.

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