Boris give booster to London gay parade

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has announced his intention to give £650,000 in sponsorship to London’s Gay Pride.

Boris Johnson inspire the Conservative party in the UK to embrace sodomy.

This is reported by Christian Concern for our Nation.  The successful bidder for a five year contract will receive £500,000 in grants from Mr Johnson, who will also sponsor a new events officer for the initiative.

Trafalgar Square would also be offered as a venue free-of-charge, meaning that over £650,000 would be given in sponsorship by the Mayor to keep the event running for the next five years.

The scheme was launched after the event ran into financial difficulties this year, causing uncertainty over its future and resulting in the resignation of Pride board members last month.

 Mr Johnson said: “London’s Pride celebrations are a key event in our city’s cultural calendar.”

Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, said:

 “The Mayor of London is throwing public money at an event which does not have the backing of a large section of the public.

 Source: Christian Telegraph

My comment:

 Luke 17:28-30

 “It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building.  

But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all.

 “It will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed.

Who will accept or reject sodomy, has little to do with the socialist-Conservative axis of politics. Boris Johnson is suppose to be the candidate of the moral right in the UK.

Boris Johnson saves the gay parade in London with the tax payers money.

People who reject God of the Bible are found in all political parties.

While the people in the conservative camp appear to be more religious than the Socialist, they all united in their acceptance of sexual perversions.

All who accept sodomy in the name of “god”, are pagans.

Either they claim to be Christians or not are immaterial.

Apostasy and ungodliness in the name of “Jesus” will not save anyone.

Jesus of the Bible is crystal clear that the last days will be like the days of Lot. The Messiah explains like the perverts of Sodoma were destroyed, also the last and final generation will be destroyed.

Simply because they have accepted perversion. Many of the noble men have become perverts them selves, practicing sodomy in secret.

Stay away. Run for your life.

 Romans 1:27
In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

Stay fateful to God, and take a stand against sexual immorality of all kinds.

Jesus saves all sinners, who is willing to repent. If you are gay, pray that the Messiah will give you apatite for the opposite sex.  Than get married and stay faithful. Amen.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Boris give booster to London gay parade

    1. Mark,

      The Word of God is clear.

      1 Corinthians 6:9-11
      9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

      1. You preach hatred which seems to qualify you for the fires of Hell! Most christians seem to be wolves in sheep’s clothing these days, using their religion as a license to persecute bully and abuse. That’s the Devil’s work. Your Book says so. Oops! At least you’ll be warm…

      2. Mark,

        If you consider the Word of God, hatred, that’s something you’ll have to answer to Jesus to. Your quick to spout the word “hatred”, but don’t acknowledge that it is Jesus speaking those words. It is Jesus saying to you, unless you repent, hell is where you’ll go. There is no midway when it comes to sin, you either believe in God or you don’t.

        Romans 14:11 It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to God.'”

        God Bless,


      3. I don’t believe in the afterlife, but if it’s true, then I think you seriously need to worry.

        People who point the moral finger are usually covering up their own wrongdoings. Ref: catholicism, pope, hypocrisy etc.

      4. Mark,

        Taking the Word of God and saying the verses are spouting hatred, isn’t going to change the truth. You need to repent to be saved. Trust in the Lord, there is an afterlife where we all must give account to what we have done. You say I point the finger at you? The difference between me and you, is I know I am a sinner, and without Jesus Christ I am nothing. I recogonize that I need him. You have the truth in the holy Word of God, yet you choose to ignore it, like many in this world.

        Romans 14:23 But whoever has doubts is condemned if he eats, because the eating is not from faith. For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.

        God Bless,


  1. Ivar is not obessed with homosexuality, it is the sin of homomsexuality and what that sin is doing to destory our world…He is an Watchmen on the Wall for Jesus Christ and as a Watchmen he is warning you! It is your choice to repent of your sins and heed his words or walk on.

    But don’t put your obsession and sins upon him…but know this… one day you will stand before a Holy God and will give account of the deeds you have done and you won’t be able to type an smart-aleck reply and walk on.

    You will be judged and the Words of Warning that are written above, that you mocked, will be part of that Judgement !

    Repent…while you still can!

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