The US deceives Israel with Iron dome

The US tries to make Jews feel safe with Iron dome. But a dozen batteries can only shoot down a small fraction of incoming missiles during a war.

John Dimpsey and Benny Gantz debate how to best protect Israel.

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey was in Israel on Monday to discuss a joint missile defense drill that began a week ago.

Dempsey met Defense Minister Ehud Barak in Tel Aviv late Sunday.

A statement from Barak’s office said the two discussed the largest-ever joint Israeli-U.S. drill, code-named Austere Challenge 12, scheduled to last about three weeks and which simulates missiles raining down on Israel from Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

Source: Haaretz.

My comment:

The US is not interested in a regional war in the Middle East. In a bid to cool down Israel, Washington promises her a shield against incoming missiles.

According to wikipedia, the IDF is going to get 15 Iron Dome batteries.  This kind of missile shield can only handle a strike where about 100 missiles are fired into Israel.

Such a limited missile defense only give the Israeli population a false hope, and inadequate security. It can only be used to support claim that the inner cabinet are doing something to protects its population. When the Hamas fires some rockets to show the people of Gaza they are capable of hitting Israel, Jerusalem shoots down a handful of the rockets to pacify internal critics.

Who do they think they are fooling?

People in Southern Israel is about to lose faith in the Israeli government.

For Washington, sales of arms are big business. It is the Pentagon who have armed both Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It is the Pentagon who arms Israel.  Washington gets the cash regardless of who will win the next battle.

The Pentagon is getting the needed green lights from the White House, who have a hidden agenda.

The US policy markers around Obama use simple logic:

1. When Israel feels it has the upper hand militarily, the Jews will not bid for Obama’s “peace plan”.

2.  When Washington arms the Arabs, the Muslims gets stronger, and starts to love Uncle Sam.

3. When both sides have enough rockets to destroy each other, than they will accept the “peace makers”.

1-2-3: Bingo.

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “The US deceives Israel with Iron dome

  1. When are people going to awake and realize that the muslim brotherhood is the white house, is the department of defense, is the national security office, is the state department, is the department of communications, is the department of agriculture, is the department of homeland security, is the supreme court justice, is the congress, is the senate, is every agency that was american.

    What was once un-american is now american and me the christian conservative is the un-american.

    muslim brotherhood hussein and jarrett along with abedin and brennen simply are undermining everything in the entire world.

  2. Ivar you are right that those in Southern Israel will lose faith in government. Concrete shelters to protect their homes from rocket attacks? Gimme a break! Who can live like that? I was glad to see the move against the weapon’s factory as a show of force. Neither Obama nor Romney are going to be there for Israel, I’m afraid. But God has His plan for Israel. Thanks for all your good work. I enjoy reading your posts.

  3. Deuteronomy 32: ………..9 ” While the Lord’s own portion was Jacob, His hereditary share was Israel”.
    Many angels are appointed over nation’s but Israel belongs to God Almighty & Eternal, but the question mark arises that how many walk as per the will of GOD in Israel.

  4. Israel has hundreds of nuclear missiles, if the Arab countries will try to to attack it with thousands of missiles, Israel would use nuclear weapons and destroy all the Arab countries within 24 hours (including also the the smart the reporter …)

    1. Dear Afgan.


      It might very well be true that Israel has nuclear weapons. But why are you concerned about this possibility?

      Why not be concerned about the nuclear weapons of the Islamic republic of Pakistan?

      If Israel had become weaker military than its Arab enemies, how long do you think Israel would exist?

  5. Probably both sides are able to destroy each other. But the Arabs can not destroy Israel without being destroyed before. This fact gives Israel security. And even if the Iron Dome can not stop thousands of rockets simultaneously. Arabs know that if they go too far, Israel would have to press the red button. This fear extends the Iron Dome deterrence.

    So do not worry, Israel will continue to exist…

  6. Looking at the election and seeing the Rep win, I believe it is G-d’s last chance to wake up and get G-d back in our land. locks like reading scripture that America won’t, tho many have and understand Israel in prophecy and how in the end they will turn back to G-d in every way, and are. at the same time, G-d says things will happen fast and to stay in the word and pray without ceasing. power is in prayer. we have the great apostasy and the turning away from G-d even in the churches. one thing is G-d won’t be mocked and yes a G-d of love but people forget He is a G-d of Justice. I think the last war is all but on us all. and with we the people letting obama do what he is doing they turn to fear instead of to G-d. G-d promises that all the nations against Israel will be destroyed and what we do to HER will come back on us double. Israel is so patient but a day is coming when Damascus will be rubble, Egypt and Iraq destroyed and the nuke plant in Iran Buxher destroyed. at the same time the US too is full of the muslim brotherhood, the worst and in every facet of our country with jihad camps all over and coming in like quick sand and have for years. here we have the US tax payers paying to suport Islam all over the world and they say it is to put democraxy there in those countries. our constutition says , do not give the enemy weapons money aid and training and don’t build their countries. everything G-d warned and our constution says they have broke. at the same time G-d’s word is over any gov or nation..we should have always suported Israel in every way. and if we had and did not become lawless and throwing G-d out we all would not be in this mess. anyone who thinks Israel won’t win is not reading the word..G-d will have Israel win the next two and the last HE will roar thru Zion and then destroy all Israels enemies. and then, reading Isaiah 45:17, Micah 7:19, Joel 3:20,Romans 11:26 tels us HE will again have compassion on Israel and turn them from unrighteousnes and all Israel will be saved. the churches read and twist it for so long and think they replaced Israel and if Israel doesn’t bow to Yeshua now they will go to hell, but that is not what is written as G-d tells us HE blinded them for us heathen so we would have the power to become sons of G–d and now that the time of the gentiles as G-d set the Jews aside for a time, who gave us Messiah , the scriptures and the prophets and that we owe them a debt and we should suport them and pray for them . anyone who thinks differently read Romans nine , ten and eleven and there are so many scriptures to know G-d’s plan, that HE is not bring them home to kill them as when HE stands on the Mt of Olive , HE says I will bring up the dead, give them a heart of flesh and take away their sins and every knee will bow and tounge will confess HE IS G-d..Shalom

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