The US tries to make Jews feel safe with Iron dome. But a dozen batteries can only shoot down a small fraction of incoming missiles during a war.

John Dimpsey and Benny Gantz debate how to best protect Israel.

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey was in Israel on Monday to discuss a joint missile defense drill that began a week ago.

Dempsey met Defense Minister Ehud Barak in Tel Aviv late Sunday.

A statement from Barak’s office said the two discussed the largest-ever joint Israeli-U.S. drill, code-named Austere Challenge 12, scheduled to last about three weeks and which simulates missiles raining down on Israel from Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

Source: Haaretz.

My comment:

The US is not interested in a regional war in the Middle East. In a bid to cool down Israel, Washington promises her a shield against incoming missiles.

According to wikipedia, the IDF is going to get 15 Iron Dome batteries.  This kind of missile shield can only handle a strike where about 100 missiles are fired into Israel.

Such a limited missile defense only give the Israeli population a false hope, and inadequate security. It can only be used to support claim that the inner cabinet are doing something to protects its population. When the Hamas fires some rockets to show the people of Gaza they are capable of hitting Israel, Jerusalem shoots down a handful of the rockets to pacify internal critics.

Who do they think they are fooling?

People in Southern Israel is about to lose faith in the Israeli government.

For Washington, sales of arms are big business. It is the Pentagon who have armed both Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It is the Pentagon who arms Israel.  Washington gets the cash regardless of who will win the next battle.

The Pentagon is getting the needed green lights from the White House, who have a hidden agenda.

The US policy markers around Obama use simple logic:

1. When Israel feels it has the upper hand militarily, the Jews will not bid for Obama’s “peace plan”.

2.  When Washington arms the Arabs, the Muslims gets stronger, and starts to love Uncle Sam.

3. When both sides have enough rockets to destroy each other, than they will accept the “peace makers”.

1-2-3: Bingo.

Written by Ivar