Collecting money for al-Qaeda in the streets of Oslo

Muslims in Oslo walk with charity-boxes collecting money for al-Qaeda fighting basher Al-Assad in Syria.

The Islamic movement collected money using this tent in the streets of Oslo this summer.

Several men has since early summer walked with charity collection boxes in the streets of Oslo. They have officially collected money for “the Syrian people”,  but their real motives have been hidden.

Several sources in the security police of Norway (PST) has confirmed to the tabloid Dagbladet, that the money have been used to fund al-Qaeda supporters in Oslo, traveling to Syria to fight the regime of Basher al-Assad.

The Jihad-supporters in Oslo has not registered their organizations with the government of Norway. They have not applied to the National Bank of Norway for permission to transfer funds out of Norway.

– We have reasons to believe that several million Norwegian krone has been taken out of Norway, explains one of the sources.

My comment:

It is pretty bad that al-Qaeda can collect money on the streets of Oslo. But is not strange. Norway is one of the main sponsors of Islamic terrorism.

But, to be frank:

Is there any major difference between the private Islamic collection and the Norwegian Government’s collection of funds to the PLO and the Hamas?

The Norwegian government use the tax-payers money.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) has since 2009 collected 150 million USD and transferred the funds to the PLO, and to the Hamas through the United Nations (UN).  The money has been gifted to men who cripple and kill Jews for “allah”.

There is basically less difference between the supporters of the Nazis in Europe in the 1930-ties and the supporters of the Islamic movement today.

Where do you stand?

Are you one of these supporters?

Written by Ivar

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