PLO loose ground in Nablus and Bethlehem

In Nablus, al-Fatah only got five out of 15 seats in the local “elections”. Hamas did not even contend.

Give me five! Obama and Biden has a stake in the PLO, trying to help Mahmoud Abbas to win elections.

The Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party made a disappointing showing in Saturday’s local elections in the so-called West Bank.

The chosen candidates of al-Fatah (PLO) failed to secure local majorities in key cities despite a boycott by its chief rival, Hamas.

In Nablus the official Fatah list got only five of 15 available seats, losing the rest to Fatah independents.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

My comment:

The very idea of a two-state-solution is now reduced to a very bad joke.

The PLO is so corrupt, that even 30 years of mouth feeding by the United Nations do not make corrupt Arabs want to support them.

The Hamas is obviously not contending the “election” in an area where they are banned. Likewise the PLO do not contend the election in Gaza, where the Hamas have slaughtered or imprisoned anyone with links to the PLO.

Islam is an ideology based on replacement theology. The very idea that the Jews are no longer the people of God, but rather all the followers of Muhammad. Since the claimed to be “prophet” explained Jesus to be just another prophet and mortal man, the whole religion is a damnable lie.

There is no blessings for those who support this. Only curses.

It is funny that anyone can even think of the idea of a “Palestinian people”. Not only do they kill each other.  They can not even united, despite being offered hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes if they unite to fight Israel.

Utter damnable and demonic foolishness in the name of “allah”.

Written by Ivar

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