Massive Islamic missile attack on Israel from Gaza

67 rockets fired since evening; southern municipalities cancel school; Barak: IDF will take all necessary action to return quiet to South.

Islamic terrorists have fired 67 rockets into Israel since last evening.

Palestinian terrorists fired 50 rockets and mortars into southern Israel Wednesday morning, injuring five and sending local residents fleeing for cover. IAF strikes targeting Palestinian rocket-launching squads killed three Hamas operatives but did little to stem the flow of rockets at Israel’s south.

Of the projectiles fired by the terrorists, 22 landed in the Eshkol region while 21 landed in the Lachish region, according to the Israel Police. The Iron Dome intercepted seven rockets, according to an IDF spokesman. The barrage follows 10 rockets fired on Tuesday evening, for a total of 67.

Source:  Jerusalem Post

My comment:

4 anti-Zionists from Norway came home to Oslo just before midnight. They had tried to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. By grace they were not sent to one year in prison in Israel for their support of Islamic terrorism.

Axel Hagen.

One of these anti-Zionists are socialist member of Parliament Axel Hagen.

Since he has reached home to Norway, he do not have to be afraid. Only Jewish children will be crippled and killed by the weapons of the terrorists he support.

Jesus the Messiah did not promise us an easy go on Earth.

To the opposite the Messiah warned us that filth, evil and wickedness will fill the Earth as we approach the end of the age. Israel shall be attacked by all nations, and betrayed by all kinds of people.

Now we are facing this situation. If you are among the enemies of Israel, or rather lukewarm in your support of the Jewish people. You need to repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Massive Islamic missile attack on Israel from Gaza

  1. Obama Says a lot of things, so forgive me for not believing him when he says that he “would” consider an attack on Israel as an attack on the US. But that was just debate rhetoric, because he said that he “would” say it, but he hasn’t really said it yet.

    I see this as a great opportunity for him to follow through on his words, otherwise he is just continuing his empty promises, just like immigration reform…reform that was promised to have been put into place in his first year of office, but here he is at it again. Promising that in his first year of re-election he will pass immigration reform. Sound familiar?

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