Hamas and Scandinavian’s fights for “allah”

Norway gives hundreds of millions USD to Islamic terrorism.  A Swedish vessel sailing under Finish flag tries to help Hamas breaking the naval blockade of Gaza.

The Hamas sent sent some of their friends from Scandinavia to challenge the naval blockage of Gaza.

Three Israeli activists from the Gaza-bound ship Estelle were released on NIS 50,000 bail Monday, after spending two days in police custody.

They were arrested Saturday along with 27 pro-Palestinian foreign activists after they failed to break Israel’s naval blockade on Gaza by defying navy orders to halt their 53- meter Swedish vessel sailing under a Finish flag.

“I am now on my way home, but I keep thinking of my shipmates, my fellow activists from abroad who are still imprisoned under harsh conditions and undergoing interrogation by the Shin Bet [Israel Security Agency], among them parliament members from several countries,” said one the three Israelis, Elazar Elhanan.

Beersheba District Court Judge Yael Raz-Levi ordered their release and banned them from approaching within 500 meters of Gaza.

Source:   Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Despite of no humanitarian crisis in Gaza,  pro-Islamic socialist and communists in Scandinavia keep on repeating the lie. They claim Israel is “occupying” Gaza, and that the people of Gaza are suffering.

The truth is that despite being under fire from Gaza, Israel keeps on sending thousand of tons of supplies into Gaza. The Gaza border towards Egypt is still closed.

Why did not the Scandinavians sail to Alexandria in Egypt?

Even though the Hamas and Islamic Jihad not attacking Egypt with a single missile, Egypt refuse to send supplies into Gaza?

In Syria, between 20 and 30 million people are affected by the civil war. Millions of people have been displaced, and struggle to get enough food.

Why did these Jew-haters and anti-Semites not approach the ports of Syria?

Obviously. As long as Israel stands, there is a judgments coming for all who hate the God of Israel. He expose their sins and wickedness. If they can delete Israel, the God of the Bible is a false God. And absolutely everything will be permissible. A man can live in his pit of sins, and hope for the best.

This ship sent to support the Hamas, was yet another ship of fools.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Hamas and Scandinavian’s fights for “allah”

  1. Norway gives hundreds of millions USD to Islamic terrorism…..that’s funny….they won’t give their own money….Islamic ‘apparently’ only wants ‘USD’….of which they don’t mind having as much as they can get…for even ‘their own money’ seems not to be the ‘Fair Haired Child’s choice….and since Islam appears to be the ‘Fair Haired Child of The World these days…they’d throw a hissy fit if they did not get ‘the ‘USA Dollar’ to do their ‘peaceful ways’….Oh what lies they weave all of them….!!

  2. Here in Sweden this ship of fools got a lot of media coverage. It is a very sad state of affairs when supporters of terrorism get to tell their sob stories about how IDF soldiers “tortured them with electricity”. Apparantly some of the folks on the ship did not want to go peacfully and the Israeli marines had to taze them. Well, what did they expect? Did they think Israel is not gonna protects its borders? Those fools really deserved every single taze and jail time they got.

    The media uses this propaganda ship to spew hatered towards Israel. I wonder why they doesnt sail this ship to Somaila or north korea to save the poor and needy. If they do that they know that the ship would have been blown up and the passengers killed or put in jail for a looong time. Sailing a propaganda ship to Israel is safe because Israel is a democratic and civilised nation. They know they wont face any hard punishment in Israel. The goal of the ship of fools is just to provoke Israel and show their ignorant support of islamic terrorism.

    As a Swede I am really ashamed of how the media supports this kind of activitys and propaganda.

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