Teaching Holocaust is “crime against Palestinians” says Gaza group following report UN agency plans to re-introduce course.

Arabs at large at not interested in telling their children about the Holocaust.

Hamas on Wednesday reiterated its strong opposition to teaching the Holocaust in UNRWA-run schools in the Gaza Strip.

The Refugees Affairs Department of Hamas said that teaching the Holocaust was a “crime against the issue of the refugees that is aimed at cancelling their right of return.”

The Hamas response came in response to unconfirmed reports in a number of Arab media outlets to the effect that UNRWA was planning to re-introduce the Holocaust into its school curriculum.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

No Nazi likes the truth about the Holocaust being told.  Many like minded people feel the best way to handle this issue, is to forget about the whole thing.

That UNRWA is not forcing the Hamas to teach Arab children about the Holocaust, is a crime. Because the Hamas are not only Holocaust deniers.  Their ideology is based on the real Holocaust being the “final solution” to achieve peace in the Middle East.

The United Nations are betraying the Jewish people.  Not a single dollar should be paid in aid to the people of Gaza as long as the neo-Nazi Iregime remains in power.

If the USA, the EU and UN had any respect for Human rights, they would have secured a regime change in Gaza, so that the Arabs who live there could have lived a life free from extreme Islamic evil.

Written by Ivar