German parts found in Hizb”Allah”s drone

Lebanese newspaper claims downed drone’s equipment purchased from German companies via dummy Iranian corporation‬‬.

Exchange of kisses. Angela Merkel is given a royal welcome in Jerusalem by Shimon Peres.

Lebanese newspaper Al-Jumhuriyah reported Wednesday that the equipment onboard the Hezbollah drone that infiltrated Israeli airspace was manufactured in Germany.

It was reportedly purchased by a dummy Iranian corporation which arms the Revolutionary Guards.

The Lebanese newspaper named Germany’s Siemens and Bockstiegel as the companies from which the equipment was acquired.

According to the report, Hezbollah owns many drones similar to the one infiltrated Israel which are used for spy missions only. “The aircraft can carry 3 kg of explosives only,” sources told the paper.

Previous reports suggested the drone was able to carry dozens of kilograms of explosives.

Meanwhile, a State Department source denied that Iran had extracted information from the US drone that crashed in its territory earlier this year.


My comment:

Israel has for the past decades had the technology edge over its enemies. First and foremost because of its own superior technology capability, but also because of US support.

 Proverbs 27:6
Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.

Washington has always given Israel military support, and sheared some of its best equipment with the Jewish state.

The Arabs have never been cleaver in regards to schooling and technology.

In the 1960, nations like Egypt were allied with the Soviet Union. The Russians were not so eager to supply Nasser with its best jets and missiles.

Egypt was more of a test zone for Russian military technology.  In hot combat with Israeli jets, bot Egyptian and Syrian MIG jets were like flying tinder boxes, easy targets for the IDF.

Not any more. Both Germany and the USA sees its equally important to equip the Arabs and the Jews. Because of their positive cash balance, oil rich Gulf States have been able to get good deals with a cash-stripped

President in the White House. The military technology given to allied among “moderate Muslims” have a tendency to end up in the arsenal of Islamic Jihad and Hezb”Allah’.

It is a grand betrayal of Israel, to give here enemies equal fire power.  It is a way to force Israel to surrender, slowly and bit for bit. It takes hardly four minutes for an An Arab fighter jet to cross the air space of Israel. If Israel is not to shout down such jets, the very existence of the state of Israel can be at risk.

Written by Ivar

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