Sweden desire to supply Iran with telecom

Carl Bildt want Telecom provider Ericsson to bless the Ayatollah regime in Iran.

The Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is a committed supporter of the regime in Iran.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has long championed diplomacy over sanctions as the method to deal with Iran and Syria.

The Swedish government tossed a wrench into the EU process to impose a set of robust new sanctions on Iran in order to protect a business deal between Swedish telecommunications giant Ericsson and Tehran.

Haaretz reported on Sunday that an Israeli Foreign Ministry diplomat said, “We know that in Sweden they fear that if the deal between Ericsson and Iran is canceled this could have implications for the company’s other deals. The Swedes fear that other countries with problematic human rights records such as China will hear about the cancellation and worry about their ties with Ericsson.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

When Hitler needed steel to build His war ships, he got the iron ore from Sweden.

When Iran needs good telecommunication, Sweden will be a prefared partner.

Sweden is one of the most antisemitic nations in Europe. Stockholm share the anti-Zionism of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and see Israel as the main reason for war in the Middle East.

As soon as the Jewish state of Israel is gone, anti-Zionists believe there will be peace. Carl Bildt is convinced that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a suitable peace partner for Sweden and the whole world.

Welcome to the days of deception and massive betrayal of the state of Israel.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Sweden desire to supply Iran with telecom

  1. We have had an established, jewish population here since the middle ages.

    But I am ashamed to say, that in some Swedish cities, it is (once again) no longer safe to openly display your jewishness…

    Among Swedish evangelical Christians there have always been lovers of the jews and of Israel, but as of lately, in the name of ‘peace’, I believe that ‘christian palestinianism’ has won a lot of ground. And Israel is sometimes, even among evangelicals, described as an occupation/ apartheid regime.

    During the second world war, I wonder if we can truly say that we were neutral…
    German soldiers travelled on our trains, and our steel apparently went to build nazi tanks.

    Not a proud history… (And I believe many Swedes feel ashamed about this.)

    1. Dear Angela


      Also in Norway, Jews feel unsafe. Having “imported” all this Islamic fundamentalism to our soil, the Jews have reason to feel unsafe. It is a shame, and grotesque fruits of indoctrination, to accept this import of violent people as noble and worthy of praise.

      Look at Sanaa in Yemen, Islamabad in Pakistan, Damascus in Syria and cities in Northern Nigeria.

      Why would we like our streets to look like this?

      Jews in Oslo are simply sacred to let their children play out in the streets. Just like in Nazi-Germany in the days before Hell broke out during World War II.

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