Hizb”Allah terrorists captured by Syrian terrorists

Syrian “rebels” said they have detained 13 Hezbollah members in the city of Homs.

Hizb”Allah terrorists in southern Lebanon. There is no clear difference between terrorists and the regular Lebanese army.

The Syrian rebels have threatened to take the fight to Hezbollah’s stronghold in Beirut’s southern suburbs unless the party ends its support for President Bashar Assad’s regime.

“We [vow] to take the battle in Syria to the heart of the [Beirut] southern suburbs if [Hezbollah] does not stop supporting the killer-Syrian regime,” Free Syrian Army spokesman Fahd al-Masri told media outlets Tuesday.

He said the FSA is holding 13 Hezbollah members in a village near Homs for their involvement in the Syria conflict.

“They [the Hezbollah detainees] have confessed to killing and slaughtering [people] in Syria,” Masri said, indicating that most of the captives come from Baalbek and Hermel in the Bekaa Valley.

Source: Lebanese newspaper “Daily star”.

My comment:

Among Arabs in the Middle East, this old saying gets its full and true meaning: “The enemy of my enemy is my best friend”.

Basher al-Assad comes from the Syrian minority the Alawites. He rules over a Sunni Arab majority, and are in need of help from the Shiites in Persia to remain in power. Without the help from the Ayatollah of Iran, Basher is doomed.

If the Assad regime fall, there is no guaranty that the Sunni Muslim-Shia Muslim civil war in Syria will end.  A NATO-intervention will not only bring the West in direct confrontation with Iran. Also Russia will be involved.

Hizb”Allah is also in need of help from Iran. So the Islamic terrorists from Lebanon tries to help Iran to save the Assad-regime. Shia terrorists facing Sunni terrorists. This is the madness that goes on in the Islamic world. It all started 1400 years ago, and there is no end in sight.

Written by Ivar

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