Netanyahu warns terrorists in Lebanon

Binyamin Netanyahu blame Hizb”Allah for sending a drone to test the air defense of Israel. Hezbollah was responsible for the drone that Israel shot down last weekend, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Thursday during a tour of the security fence in southern Israel. During the tour, Netanyahu stated that Israel would “act with determination to… Read More Netanyahu warns terrorists in Lebanon

Hizb”Allah terrorists captured by Syrian terrorists

Syrian “rebels” said they have detained 13 Hezbollah members in the city of Homs. The Syrian rebels have threatened to take the fight to Hezbollah’s stronghold in Beirut’s southern suburbs unless the party ends its support for President Bashar Assad’s regime. “We [vow] to take the battle in Syria to the heart of the [Beirut]… Read More Hizb”Allah terrorists captured by Syrian terrorists