US military to assist Jordan on “refugee problem”

New York Times report claims US secretly sent task force to help Jordanian military deal with refugees from Syria.

Arabian dictators has created the largest refugee problem in the World.

The US military secretly sent a task force of over 150 specialists to Jordan to help the armed forces there deal with the flood of refugees, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

The task force is reportedly led by a senior American officer and based north of Amman. According to the Times, their activity is largely focused on helping Jordan handle an estimated 180,000 Syrian refugees who crossed the border.

However, the specialists were also enlisted for military protection, to draw up a strategy to avoid border clashes such as those occurring along the Turkish border with Syria, as well as to help prepare Jordan for the possibility that Syria may lose control of its chemical weapons, the Times reported.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Every refugee is a tragedy. They are up rooted from their land, and forced to flee from their homes.

Arabs have a long history of making their own people flee across borders.

In 1948, the Arab League them selves forced Arabs to flee from their villages west of the river Jordan. They were told that the state of Israel would be destroyed at its birth, and that all the Arabs would be given their homes back.

The majority of the Arabs decided not to flee. They believed Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion’s promise that all who stayed put would be given Israeli citizenship.

Today, these Arabs are Israeli Citizens, with passports and elected members in the Knesset. Two million of them call them selves Israeli Arabs. The majority of them are Muslims.

Those who fled have not been granted citizenship by the nations who forced them to flee.  These nations are Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. In steed they have created an catastrophic refugee problem, and the number of victims of Arabian despotism is rising every day.

The United Nations (UN) has helped the Arab to increase and maintain the refugee problem. By granting the dictators billion in aid to the victims of the Arabs own mismanagement. There is also an Islamic agenda behind increasing the numbers of refugees.

They will all become a weapon against the state of Israel. The UN has made two departments that tries to “help” refugees. One for all nations under the sun, and one exclusively for those who call them selves “Palestinians”. 30.000 of them have been employed by UNCRW, and 80 per cent of the UN support is spent on their salary.

This is fraud, and nothing but fraud.

The numbers of Arabs who were forced by Arabs to flee in 1948 were in their tens of thousands. Today, they number 4,8 million. The enemies of Israel is breeding more “refugees”. No other climbed to be refugees in the World gets this royal treatment, and have been enrolled as employees in the UN.

Anyone: Who said that this World is not controlled by the evil one?

Written by Ivar  

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