Taliban shot 14 years old peace-activist

Taliban gunmen in Pakistan shot and seriously wounded on Tuesday a 14-year-old schoolgirl who rose to fame for speaking out against the militants, authorities said.

This unarmed 14 year old girl in Pakistan got a bullet in the neck from a follower of Muhammad.

Malala Yousufzai was shot in the head and neck when gunmen fired on her school bus in the Swat valley, northwest of the capital, Islamabad. Two other girls were also wounded, police said.

Yousufzai became famous for speaking out against the Pakistani Taliban at a time when even the government seemed to be appeasing the hardline Islamists.

Source: The Times of India

My comment:

The Taliban is now a peace partner for the Afghan government and NATO. After spending 1 trillion USD in weapons and bombs in Kabul, Washington has given up on their bid to defeat Radical Islam.

Malala survived, but is critically wounded.

Islam is not a “peace movement”.

Islam is a violent and wicked ideology.

The Koran opens up for Muslims to cripple and kill those who harm Jihad, the “Holy War” to bring all infidels into submission to “allah” and his messenger.

The latest victim of the Jihad-movement is a 14 years old Pakistani girl.

Her crime was to tell the butchers and criminals to let the Pakistanis live without fear of terrorism.

May all “Christians” who say Islam is from “god” start to fear them coming judgment.  May they repent from their support of pure evil.

Jesus the Messiah will save all souls, who are willing to repent and accept Him as Lord and God. I pray that the Holy Spirit will appear and save Malala. I pray that the Messiah will write her name in the book of life. Amen.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Taliban shot 14 years old peace-activist

  1. Shalom

    And I Also believe that Islamic religion is not from God because everything they doing all over especially killing innocent people and Christian also is pure and simple that this movement are from devil

  2. you cannot take one action done by one group and say that islam is not good and its from evil, islam is not that way if some people wrong understand it, that doesnt mean it’s like that…
    otherwise i will say also that christianity is evil and terrorist since the US army bombed hiroshima and Nagazaki with atomic bombs, and the chirstianity war killed so many millions of people… so go study the islam and see if it’s really like u say or no before talking to public

  3. Islam is basically the religion of peace….if some one don’t know about islam ist i invite them to read carefully the holy Book Holy Quran and think what God says in his book…only few people are involved presenting bad image of islam ….islam is the religion of peace and brother-hood.

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