Nazi-provokers again on rampage in Berlin

Pro-Palestinian activists threw donation boxes to the floor and crumpled the Israeli flag.

Take a look at this video from Berlin. It is worth watching.

Pro-Palestinian activists burst into a hall where the iconic Israeli group Givatron was performing, threw Jewish National Fund donation boxes to the floor and crumpled the Israeli flag.

A group of pro-Palestinian activists, also including some Israelis, interrupted a performance of the iconic Israeli group Givatron in Berlin on Thursday, part of an event to raise funds for the Jewish National Fund.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows activists in red T-shirts from a group called Direct Action Berlin coming into the hall while Givatron is singing

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz.

My comment:

If it is true that Islam and Nazism have the same roots, we will see Nazi provocations be manifested inside the circles of Islam.

In regards to the claimed “Palestine” being the new Nazi-state on the mountains of Zion, there will also be signs of its supporters using the same techniques as the Nazis in Germany.

This video expose Neo-Nazi’s attacking Jews. In a similar fashion as their forefathers did when Joseph Gobbles was their leader in the 1930-ties.

The Nazis came to power in Berlin by first creating chaos. The provocateurs managed to trigger counter-attacks, who were used to claim that the responders where the true Fascists, who attacked the “peace makers” of Hitler and Himmler.

After coming to power, the Nazis crippled and killed all who opposed them. Just like Islam has done for the past 1.400 years. Europe has been attacked by Islam twice. Spain and Portugal were occupied for 400 years, and Vienna almost were captured in 1540 A.D.

Take a stand against this evil. If you let this savage flow freely into your communities, it will spread like cancer.

Written by Ivar

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  1. Reblogged this on Living Journey and commented:
    You simply MUST watch this video. Firstly the pro-palis hijack this event gorilla style, causing much confusion. Then if you watch carefully there is this one young woman with long dark hair who starts to scream as if being assaulted by a man, then the pro-palis come to her aid and it sounded a little fake to me. Then at the end of the video this same pro-pali woman does it again. It’s orchestrated and there is a lot of confusion. If you cannot see that the world is gearing up for such nazi-like antisemitism, then you are an complete ignoramus.

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