London and EU are sponsors of killers in Lebanon

The Henry Jackson Society wants the EU and the UK to formally outlaw the Hezb’Allah.

David Cameron and President José Manuel Barroso of the European Commission are sponsors of Islamic terrorism.

A prominent British think tank has launched a campaign calling on the EU to proscribe Hezbollah in an effort to sever its funding base in Europe and thwart its influence in the Middle East.

The Henry Jackson Society wants the EU and the UK to formally outlaw Hezbollah in its entirety – in line with the US, Canada and the Netherlands – and recognize it as “a terrorist organization that consistently uses violent terrorist tactics.”

Your tax payer money are used to support Fascists in Lebanon.

“It is time that this disgraceful anomaly was rectified.

Not only because it is wrong, but because the current situation allows and encourages Hezbollah to recruit and fundraise in Europe,” the London- based think tank said.

The European Union refuses to put Hezbollah on its list – which includes Hamas – of designated terrorist groups.

As Hezb’Allah participates in the political process in Lebanon, the EU makes a distinction between the group’s political and military wings.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The United Kingdom and the European Union has lost its moral compass.

To legalize Hizb”Allah is like legalizing and supporting the Nazi party in Germany.  London could have justified an acceptance of Hitler, because He was an elected leader. The Nazi-party did a lot of good social work in Germany, noble acts worthy of support from England.

To split the political wing of a Fascist party from its military wing, is smart. It gives the European Union the arguments for why they can support such a movement with millions of Euro’s.

 We are told good “moderate” guys who support the bad “radical” guys, are doing some fine and noble social work. And by our support to them, they will all turn good guys.

Such a political doctrine is naive at best, but rather laughable. But a critical question must be asked:

What makes the supporting rulers in EU less a group of Fascists, than the leaders of Hezb”Allah in Lebanon?

There are many men who hate freedom, democracy and human rights.  They do not demonstrate in the streets, but rather wear suites and ties, have fine tittles and holds seats inside Parliaments.

The moral is: – As long at they work for the destruction of Israel, it do not matter how evil and criminal a movement might be. We will support them.

Psalm 83:4
“Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.”

These are evil days in the governmental quarters in Europe. Equally evil as the days just before the start of World War II.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “London and EU are sponsors of killers in Lebanon

  1. Your tax payer money are used to support Fascists in Lebanon…..

    That is nothing new! America has prostituted herself for centuries they learned how by the Nations they came out of …and now they do it so well they call it Democracy and teach and pay other Countries to learn it ‘their way’….!! Hate God, love debauchery and enjoy “changes” daily….while the helpers line their pockets and the Pulpits can’t be distinguished between the Church hawkers or the Political hawkers.,.(smile) Come ye come ye, pass the plate…Come ye come ye…help us win the election,..Come ye come ye, people are hungry…(yet their leaders live lives as the ‘Rich and Famous’ around the World…but ”Come ye come ye and feed rice to the hungry”….Oh yeah…that’s not new!

    Even the Word of God is full of these people and their hawking ways…they run here and there like hawks flying above looking for ‘road kill’ …(itching ears)…

    1. Dear Andrea


      You wrote:

      Even the Word of God is full of these people and their hawking ways….

      My comment:

      Excuse me?…..This is another very confusing statement.

      1. I apologize for my statement being confusing…and for any before that since you said…’another confusing statement’….anyway…(smile)..
        You said…”Your tax payer money are used to support Fascists in Lebanon….. ” ( My reply was what I wrote…’that our tax payer money is used to support the Fascists in Lebanon,…it is not just for the Fascists in Lebanon it is used for anything wanted …is nothing new…and I elaborated on how it is used….as for any statement before this one…I forget what you are referring to …(smile)…just been very busy lately….so if you want please let me know and I’m sure I’ll apologize for that one too (smile)….or …explain …
        And a Shalom to you too!

      2. Her reply did not clear it up, in my view, but a thought struck my mind:
        Is she not just referring to that in the stories the Bible do tell us, there were many evil doing people, and their actions disclosed for us to understand the state of humanity, as we all are sinners needing to repent and receive salvation from Jesus (?)
        Could that be what Andrea wanted to say, as in comparing the days of today with the days of the time the Bible got written… (?)

        We still do evil things, and still, as individuals, we need to ask God to forgive us, as when we repent and get cleansed in the the blood of Jesus.

      3. What do you want to know? What seems to be so ‘unclear’….I ”agreed with what Ivar said .” even elaborated that what these people are doing is ‘not new’…it’s even mentioned in the Scriptures..

  2. Not exactly news in reality, the EU and Britain have sent millions to the PA under Yasser Terrorfat and most of it has gone on weaponry. We are now arming islamist groups in Syria and Lebannon having armed them in Libya, war is coming and we are arming our enemy.

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