NEW VERSION: e-book on how an Atheist came to faith

You can buy the book on how I came to faith for 8,99 USD.

This e-book will give you an in-sight into my life.

 Slowly, I understood the need to repent and ask for forgiveness for my own cursing of the Jews.  By cursing them, I had brought a curse on myself.

Ivar Fjeld was born into a secular family in Norway. As a youth he turned an Atheist. But in India his atheism was challenged. Everything changed. He explains the transformation into a man who believe that God exist.

You can get the book by pressing “add to chart”.

You can also click on the image on top of the left side column on this blog.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “NEW VERSION: e-book on how an Atheist came to faith

  1. Hi Ivar,
    Reading this post remind me about an e book titled “Tortured for Christ” by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand”. He was an atheist as well, and he spoke about the beauty of those underground churches in Russia,Romania where communist ruled, and how these atheist people actually had deep down longing to actually know God.
    These so called “I-dont-believe-God-Exist” people when they embraced the truth,they became valiant soldiers of Christ, and very beautiful bride of Christ who willing to die for the truth.
    Be blessed and be ready for His coming. I believe we are the last generation who will see His coming to this earth.

    Ps: pardon my poor english grammar or vocab 😀

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