Israeli Navy prepare for more provocations

Ship from from Italy attempting to break security naval blockade around Gaza will be intercepted, says Foreign Ministry.

Piracy ship Mavi Marmara challenged the Israeli navy in May 2010. The ship loaded with Islamic Jihad, and anti-Zionists of difference colors.

The Navy is preparing to intercept the latest Gaza-bound ship carrying European pro-Palestinian activists seeking to break the security naval blockade around the Strip.

An IDF source confirmed that the Navy has carried out general preparations for future ships filled with activists.

Israel will not allow the vessel to reach Gaza, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Tuesday after the organizers of the “flotilla” issued a communiqué saying they received clearance in La Spezia, Italy, to set sail and will reach Gaza in some two weeks time.

“This is the same old, same old,” Ilana Stein said of the Estelle, which counts among its 16 passengers the radical Swedish anti-Israeli activist Dror Feiler.

In 2004 the Israeli-born Feiler, who has lived in Sweden for some 40 years, created Palestinian suicide bombers.

He also took part in the 2010 Mavi Marmara flotilla.

The organizers know that they are not going to be allowed to reach Gaza, and are just trying to make noise, Stein said.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The left-Islamic nexus accuse Israel of “Piracy at high seas”. The problem is that they them selves acts like pirates.

Neither do they accept the borders of the state of Israel, not the sufferings of the people of Gaza. The Arabs suffer under a totalitarian regime of Hamas, backed by the Ayatollah’s of Iran.

The Islamic pirates and their supporters are trying to defame the Israeli customs. They set them self above both Israeli and International law, and feel they have a right to take whatever they like and give it to the Hamas.

Behind this kind of political hooliganism is an accept of political terror and suicide bombers. The only free and democratic nation of the Middle East, who respect Human Rights, needs to be demolished.

 Psalm 74:10
How long will the enemy mock you, O God? Will the foe revile your name forever?

Take a stand against such evil. Support the state of Israel’s right to safe guard its international recognized sea borders.

Written by Ivar

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