Israel accepts the “Holiness of the Holy See”

Dr. Zion Evrony officially becomes Israel’s sixth ambassador to the Holy See, hails relationship based on “mutual trust.”

Newly-designated Ambassador to the Holy See, Dr. Zion Evrony, on Friday presented his Letter of Credence from President Shimon Peres to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI at the Apostolic Palace in Castel Gandolfo.

 “It was a great honor and privilege to meet his holiness the pope. I am thankful for the opportunity given to me,” Dr. Evrony said. “I am aware that this assignment is much more than a usual diplomatic mission. It is a great challenge, but a challenge I accept with enthusiasm.”

During the ceremony, the ambassador expressed his appreciation to the Pope for his friendship to Israel and to the Jewish People. He also highlighted the significant progress on the financial agreement between the State of Israel and the Holy See, which according to Dr. Evrony “will pave the way for the upgrading and strengthening of the relations in many areas, including academia, culture, and combating anti-Semitism.”

Dr. Evrony’s previous diplomatic post was Ambassador to Ireland.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Everything is basically in place. The global economic system of the antichrist, the political institutions, and the basic theology.  The only thing missing, is a man of mighty signs and wonders.

The present Pope is to old to execute his role a a global “holy father”. But the next Pontiff might be mush younger, being a charismatic bishop, and getting the proper occult anointing to perform the needed miracles.

For the Jews, the trap is laid. The moment they accept the supremacy of the Pope as a “prince of peace”, He will be given a red carpet welcome in Israel. All the prominent world leaders will arrive, to get some credit for the amazing “peace agreement” to be signed.

Are you ready to hail and support this coming wicked assembly in Jerusalem?

Also a lot of Christian Zionists, who block Christians from  preaching the gospel to the Jews, will become the part of the deception. Because they are convinced that not-saved Jews will have a prominent role in the coming millennium rule.  They do not accept the fact that the Pope is an antichrist. They will ready to embrace the Pontiff as a “peace maker”.

There will surely be Christian Zionist who will stand with the Jews till the end, proclaiming that Jesus is the Messiah and behind the rebirth of Israel.

Do not end up in the wrong camp.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Israel accepts the “Holiness of the Holy See”

  1. Everything is basically in place. The word system of the antichrist, the political institutions, and the basic theology. The only thing missing, is a man of mighty signs and wonders……..(…Amen it’s all in place…he’s here)

  2. This Pope will die and then the last Pope called Peter the Great will then take his place..The good news is all of the evil will fail when the G-d of Israel will roar thru Zion and show the world who is alone G-d, destroying all of His enemies and the enemies of Israel, those who destroy the earth

  3. We have a lot of brothers and sisters in Israel, Messianic Jews who are a light in this dark time. Let’s all pray the Lord opens doors for them to people like Mr. Evrony.

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