Time to expose the falsehood of Muhammad

Corrupt and apostate “Christians” are not willing to tell the truth about Muhammad. Is stead they back stab brethren who highlights historical and cultural facts.

It is a complete disgrace that so many pastors and priest are not standing up in our time and warns against Islam. Such carnal and corrupt leaders love their life in their flesh. They have become friends of the World, the very enemies of God of the Bible.

This video is from June 2012. More than two months before September 11 2012, when the US Ambassador in Libya was slaughtered by the barbarians.

This video is yet another exposure of the violence and wickedness that is exposed in the Arab World and in Persia every day on TV. The curses and cycle of violence brought by Islam is a never ending story.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Time to expose the falsehood of Muhammad

  1. That movie was made in 1976…I noticed it is nothing like what they do today nor what they profess even about Israel, Christianity, all men, and women…but it is a lot of what the leader of Iran said to the United Nations (September 2012) about the New World Order.

  2. Dear Ivar, The US Ambassador reaped what he sowed. If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. The Ambassador was the front man the U.S. used to supply the rebels with much needed ammunition. The USA on the orders of the Pope, went in and murdered a Leader who has taken care of his people for over 50 years because he wouldn’t bow down to the “Petrol Dollar? and you call them barbarians? There are two sides to every story. They killed that man like a freaking dog. Yep, they are barbarians and we are the nice guys where did you get that crap, CNN?

    USA is the second beast Daniyl saw, “Then I saw another beast, coming out of the earth. He had two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon. He exercised all the authority of the first beast on his behalf. Revelation 13

    COMING OUT OF THE EARTH – Means a land that was not yet populated. The USA was the last continent to be discovered.

    HORNS = RELIGION, what are the two major religions in the USA?
    Answer: Catholic and Protestant

    LIKE A LAMB – America had humble beginnings didn’t they?

    SPOKE LIKE A DRAGON – Now we go out conquering and to conquer.

    Who ever gave the United States the authority to liberate anyone?

    Answer: ROME, who else do you think is calling the shots? The Illuminati? the Masons? those are all creations of the Catholic church, to get the minds of the people off the real cause.

    Wake up! or you would likewise perish.

  3. In the 18th century when most nations; arabs,rome,britain,spain etc were persecuting the Jews (The People Of God) A Country Called The U S A was born by God to protect The Nation Of Isrea. This Country has done exactly that & that is why she is blessed by he (God) or have you forgotten that “any nation that blesses Isreal will be blessed and any nation that curses her will be curse”? No wonder America is such a blessed.prosperous,influencial country

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