False Hindu spirit roaming inside our Churches

I have already published the first video of Andre Strom about the invasion of a false spirit inside Churches.

Here come part 2. Be read for some quit shocking and disturbing information on this video-clips.

11 thoughts on “False Hindu spirit roaming inside our Churches

  1. No clear thinking Christian could possibly construe that jumping around in an undisciplined way while making animal noises is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit! Are not the fruits of the Spirit love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, patience, gentleness and SELF-CONTROL? I see none of that in this anti-Christian movement.

    1. Shalom Paul,
      I agree with you. It is very sad that educated Americans and Canadians of all people should be believing in such nonsense and behaving in this manner. It’s a disgrace!!

      Can’t imagine what they find in these wolves that they can’t find in Yeshua(Jesus). HE is the one who gave HIS life for us and still has everything to give us. Christianity is not Christianity anymore, it’s become a cult. I thank God I have been out of it since the past 14 years to believing in, and strictly following the Messianic Torah which gives all the understanding.
      Blessings on this Succoth night (Feasts of Tabernacles).

    2. Dear Paul.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      There are two main ditches a Christian can fall into. One is to twist the scriptures. The other is to present a false spirit as the Holy Spirit. We need to be sober in such matters, and follow the truth.

      People falling into both these two ditches is very common. I have exposed a man like Benny Hinn to have one leg in each of these camps. Please listen to the three latest audio clips I have recorded from god.tv.


  2. America the Super Power Nation has been turned into laughing stock by the devil. In the video, this hardly looks like a Christian church but rather like a mad house with a bunch of lunatics gone wild. What a shame!! And it is so sad!!

    The devil says ‘give your soul to me’
    and I will give you all the money.
    For satan is wiser than any man can be,
    He deceived the first woman
    and later the wisest man named Solomon
    Is it too hard for him to deceive any man on earth?
    He tried his best to deceive Yeshua(Jesus) creator of Heaven & Earth
    But Yeshua(Jesus) is the INTELLIGENCE and no match for satan at all
    It certainly has been easy for satan to pick out these wolves
    and it has been darn easy for these ‘wolves’ to fish out ‘fools’
    These ‘wolves’ deceived the ‘fools’ in emptying out their pockets and wallets
    Now the ‘fools’ live in closets while the ‘wolves’ live in gorgeous mansions
    We have all been fools living in darkness sometime or other in our lives
    That’s why we have Yeshua(Jesus) to repent and return to his light
    He says with outstretched arms; “my yoke is easy and my burden light”
    I will give you rest, so come to me, while there is still time!!
    Eternity is getting closer and closer each moment of time
    Destinations for us are very many while we are still alive
    But there’s a choice of only two i.e. ‘heaven’ & ‘hell’ in the afterlife
    The Gracious God offers ‘heaven’ while we still have our lives
    To accept or not this magnificent eternal gift there’s no time to decide
    For THIS IS THE VERY MOEMENT for you to make up your mind.
    Written by Jes:24/9/2010

  3. One more EXCELLENT example of deep divisions and fragmentation of the Christian churches, movements etc. Why blame Hindus for it?????

  4. Dear Soumitra Dey,
    Shalom (Shanti)

    You’ve made a good point, and I agree with you. For
    Our Bible(TORAH) gives us a choice in Deuteronomy 30:15-20-“Choose Life or choose Death”. So I have this to say to Christians who have made the Old Covenant(Old Testament)obsolete, “People are led in doing right or wrong as far as their hearts allow them” Also “there’s lots of food on the table, depends on what one chooses and how much he eats”.

    There are only two destnation to after life that is Heaven or Hell and this is a simple choice given to us by our Holy Gracious GOD.

    Conclusion: I am sure the related article was not meant to blame Hinduism but rather to expose the folly of all Christians who take part in this sort of religion. Blaming others for the sins each of us commit is NOT ACCEPTABLE by our God. The sentence is strict and final. But, TRUE REPENTANCE IS ACCEPTABLE.
    I believe that the mere fact you are on this blog is not by chance but by Divine Intervention. I invite you to read the Bible and enjoy the true history from ancient times with proven facts.

    Be Blessed, no matter what religion you are.

  5. Dear Ivar,

    Thanks for posting this.

    Our adversary prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whomever he can to devour since his time is almost up.

    I have been to some of these so-called churches many years ago, one in particular that manifested this same spirit was a Vineyard church. Out of the entire congregation there were only two that got up and walked out (I was one). Praise God for the discernment.

    How sickening to see deception like this being called “Christian”. When will the Lord finally say, “Enough is enough!”

    “DO NOT DELAY, O MY GOD” (Psalm 40:17).

    1. Dear Sue.


      You will see this in absolutely every fellowship in the World, that is open for the move of the Holy Spirit. Unclean spirits tries to copy the real thing. There is a need for the gift of discernment more than ever.

      1. I just watched this video, and almost seems like demonic posession when he touches those people. Some scream as if they are possesed, and make weird noises.

        This reminds me of when my Pastor prayed and rebuked a demon a man had, the screams sounded just like that.

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