Solidarity with Jews from Paris to Oslo under threat

There is a spike in anti-Jewish hate crimes all over Europe.

People deceived by the demon “allah” riots all over the globe, even hailing antichrists like Adolf Hitler.

In the 10 days following the brutal murders of three small children and a rabbi at a French Jewish school, there were 90 anti-Semitic hate crimes across France
— a spike of 40 per cent.

“I used an Uzi, an Israeli pistol, to kill Israelis … I killed Jews in France as these are the same Jews who kill innocents in Palestine,” Mohamed Merah, the murderer boasted to police before dying.

Following a Cologne Judge’s decision to criminalize the Jewish ritual of circumcision (brit milah), calls to ban circumcision have spread across Europe, and led anti-Semites in Germany to lodge criminal complaints against rabbis who have performed thousands of circumcisions.

Source: The Simon Wiesenthal Center

My comment:

We have seen massive Jew-hate in Europe before. That the Jew-haters are back should not surprise anyone.

The problem for the Jewish community at large, is that they do not recognize the source of Jew-hate to be Satanic.  When religious people attack Jews, they have been deceived and become children of the devil.

The very savage of the human race is rioting in the name of “allah”. Not only killing infidel Jew and Christians, but even slaughter their own Muslim brethren. They rape and they kill their own daughters, and blow up mosques of fellow Muslims who do not want to join their Jihad.

Shame on all who have permitted this filth to grow like a cancer within free and democratic nations.

There is only one solution for mankind. Man is hopelessly lost, and disconnected from the living God of the Hebrews. Only through the blood of Yeshua the Messiah, man can find peace with God and be saved.

Kindly pay attention to this message of love. Accept the Lordship of the Messiah today.  He loved you enough to take the death and punishment you deserve.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Solidarity with Jews from Paris to Oslo under threat

  1. Dear Ivar, I appreciate your post, I have a simple question. If I told you that Jesus is a false Messiah and you’re worshiping demons, you’d probably ban me from commenting on this blog.

    Now picture how the Muslims feel when we keep telling them that their religion is evil, they also believe that Christians are evil. So why don’t we keep the peace by loving our enemies as ourselves just as Yahweh ordained. What do you say?

    1. why does your bible call for the killing infidels? Islam is evil, it is simply a tool being used by satan to destroy the Nation of Israel, its people and satan believes that if that can be accomplished there will be no rapture, no tribulation, no millenium, no throne judgment and he can and will rule forvever, because in effect, he believes in his mind that he has defeated YWHW.

      No such happening.

    2. Dear Simon Kepha.


      I do not mind anyone claiming that Jesus is a false prophet, and that I am a worshiper of demons.

      Lost souls are permitted to comment on this blog.

      But I cut off comments of false brethren, if they do not repent. The very enemy of the gospel are those who claim to know Jesus, but leads us into following a copy-cat.

      1. Right on Ivar,

        I am eskimo and jewish, Yeshua is my Messiah, I am His disciple, anyone as Simon who follows any false god or entity is in a fallen state, serious denial in following the Messiah as His disciple as written in the New Testament Book of Luke Chapter 14.
        There are many false brethren out in all the churches, calvary chapel, horizon, baptists, adventists, presbyterians, lutheran, methodists, and the rest ad infinitum.

  2. Christianity is an open, open challenge; in Romans 12 : 2…..test and approve what God’s will is —-His good, pleasing and perfect will.
    It is not a blind faith or a hear-so faith, without good, pleasing and perfect results.Cent percent results are a promise, walking with the Almighty & Eternal God in The Word.
    If anyone mocks or talk ill of Christianity I will never be perturbed because my God is in charge and I am insignificant being.

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