Germany helps those who wants Sharia laws in Europe

Germany submit to the demand of supporters of Sharia. Christian preacher Terry Jones is banned from entry.

Terry Jones refuses to apology for burning the Koran, and calling Muhammad a false prophet.

The German Magazine Der Speigel has started to hail German supporters of Sharia laws.

In an online article Terry Jones is called a “notorious extremist” and an American “hate preacher”.

This is what the German Magazine major writes:

 “The German government has barred US pastor Terry Jones from entering the country. Jones, a notorious extremist who gained global attention in 2010 by threatening to burn the Koran”.

Terry Jones has  said he backs the private Islam film that has sparked worldwide protests.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry said Sunday that a visit by Jones would “run counter to the interest of maintaining public order.”

Source: Der

My comment:

You do not have to support burning of Koran’s to claim that Muhammad is a false prophet. Neither do you have to support Terry Jones to understand that all who riot in the name of “allah” are barbarians.

It is worth noticing that author Salman Ruchdie says that his book Satanic verses would probably have been banned in the Western society today.  Rushdie says that the basic pillar of the West is freedom of speech.

The post-Christian society are abandoning principles like freedom of expression, to please Islam. Behind such  short lived pleasures are fear of terrorism. Just around the corner such leaders might find them selves as candidates for slaughter. Just like the late America Ambassador to Libya last week.

The Muslim world display many followers of Muhammad as barbarians.

The first sharia law is that blasphemy against the prophet is a criminal act, punishable by death.

Today’s leaders in Europe and the USA would never have been able to stand up against a man like Adolf Hitler.

They would have done as he said, and eventually made Hitler the leader of the World.

Such leaders are cowards, spineless human beings who corrupt them selves in a bid to save their own lives and properties.

Not being willing to stand for the truth, explained by controversial Christians like Terry Jones.

What we seen on a global scale today, is the human race making a dry run for the coming of the final antichrist.

 Mark 8:35
For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.

Plenty of Western leaders are in process of make it a criminal act to say that an Arab named Muhammad is a false prophet. Historical records expose him as a womanizer with 11 wife’s, and a pedophile who married a six year old girl.

Muhammad raped a child. A billion people in the World must renounce this man as evil, or face judgment for their evil deeds of darkness.

It is a disgrace that any western leader can let the ideology of this Arabian con-man spread like a cancer inside the free and democratic Western civilization.

What we see is a submission to the demand of barbarians. They use violence to force all who disagree with them into submission. Like in the early days of the spread of Islam, hundreds of thousands of infidels who refuse to obey are slaughtered by Muslims using swords.

Welcome to the age were the final antichrist will be welcomed and hailed. The last man of lawlessness will display powerful miracles, formulate a compromise and bring “peace”.

Billions of people will walk into the total and fatal deception, accepting blasphemy against God of the Bible as the truth.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Germany helps those who wants Sharia laws in Europe

  1. Whilst I don’t think Terry Jones gives a damn for the Christians who live in Muslim countries, that he puts in danger by his publicity seeking tactics, and therefor wish he would go back to his red-neck church and zip it. I do hope that every Muslim who thinks that movie is insulting to Islam, will take the time to read through their Quran. They will find there, exactly where the movie script comes from. Then they will understand what they really should protest against.

  2. (….Today’s leaders in Europe and the USA would never have been able to stand up against a man like Adolf Hitler…. )

    John 15:19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

    John 15:20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.

    Adolph Hitler was supported for years before the final blow in World War 2…just like today…America is still in bed prostituting herself to the same demons, god-less Israel haters and Christian haters…It’s all a show, and we are in the real Theater, it’s ‘Let the Curtain be pulled back for all to see the players in this ‘generation’…you’ll see how much and to whom America is sending ‘money, and others supplies even war items to the ones they say are evil..Check your wash cloths, towels, sheets, all manner of linen, kitchen utensils, all items of normal usage are made not in America but in the countries that America professes are evil:::silly children of darkness::::
    The Holy Spirit will witness to all believers in what to or not to do…if they’d just listen…Jesus don’t lie ….so it is another area of deception to get ‘Christians and others all bent out of shape’ so not to keep their eyes on Jesus and thus leaving a crack for Satan to get in and deceive and trap the ones seeking to satisfy their itching ears!

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