Arabs call for protests to end Oslo Accords

Activists call for mass demonstrations in the West Bank on Friday to demand an end to the Oslo Accords, other agreements.

Fayyad and Mazen face failure in their bid Islamic Nazi-style statehood who would encircled Jerusalem.

“So-called Palestinian activists” have called for mass demonstrations in the West Bank on Friday to demand an end to the Oslo Accords and other agreements signed between the PLO/PA and Israel.

The call came as public transportation workers and social activists announced that they have suspended their protests against the high cost of living until Sunday.

The decision to suspend the protests came despite calls from many youth groups to continue demonstrating against Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Oslo Accord commits al-Fatah (PLO) to recognize the present state of Israel’s right to exist.

This agreement has been one of the major reasons for infighting and civil wars among the Arabs, after 1990.

The PLO’s signature on this agreement, is one of the Hamas strongest card in their refusal to govern together with the al-Fatah cadres.

If this accord is canceled,  the PLO and Hamas will surly be able to stand in fresh unity, with the Zionist state as their common enemy.

For Israel a PLO cancellation of the Oslo accord, will be beneficial for Zionist settlers. Because the state of Israel will be forced to immediately annex Judea and Samara, and imply Israeli Laws on the mountains of Zion.

The very idea of establishing a Nazi inspired Islamic statehood on the mountains of Zion will finally be buried.

Aliens, without citizenship in Israel, but still living on Jewish properties, will be deported over the borders to Jordan, the country of their origin.

The mass influx of Jordanians who entered and occupied this land from 1948 to 1967 will finally be revoked and corrected.

It this solution practically possible?

Not at all.

But the ideal solution display what kind of trap that was laid for Israel, by the anti-Zionist Norwegian negotiators back in 1990.

The Islamic terrorists in the PLO should not have been permitted to build a base on the mountains of Zion in the first place.  Any possible deal with the enemy, will always be second best and based on a compromise.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Arabs call for protests to end Oslo Accords

  1. Ivar,

    The sooner this phony peace agreement is binned the better. I never thought I would hear myself supporting a ?alestinian move. But whilst recognising the fact that they are calling for this only because it stands in the way of their demand for UN recognition, it would also legally release Israel from its obligations.

    Israel’s observance of those obligations have maintained an enemy on their borders, who makes no effort to keep their side of the deal. Instead, they teach their kids to hate, and constantly bite the hands that feed them.

    I would just correct one error in your post. They are not from Jordan, which is a 21st Arab state created by the British to appease Arabs who refused to live in peace with Jews at the time of the British Mandate.

    The vast majority of those calling themselves ?alestinain are immigrants from the surrounding Arab countries, whose recent ancestors came looking for work in the Zionist state. Yasser Arafat’s Egyptian parents were amongst them.

    Can you believe that despite knowing this, the British government still appeases them by accusing Israel of occupying land West of the Jordan river?

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