French writer says Breivik was “what Norway deserves”

Richard Millet, a respected French writer and editor, has sparked controversy for his comments on Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass killer, whom he described as “without doubt what Norway deserves”.

Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg with the leader of the Labor Party youth Eskil Pedersen at his left.

Mr Millet, who says he has read all 1,500 pages of Breivik’s online manifesto, insists that he does not approve of the Norwegian gunman’s crimes.

However, he praised Breivik’s writing and cry of hatred for social democracy, immigration and multiculturalism.
“Breivik is without doubt what Norway deserves,” wrote Millet in an 18-page pamphlet.

He is “as much a child of a broken family as of an ideological and racial fracture caused by immigration from outside Europe over the last 20 years,” added Mr Millet, who has edited several award-winning books in France.
His writing about Breivik has sparked consternation in the literary circles, with one author Annie Ernaux calling the text “a politically dangerous act”.

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My comment:

I do not agree that Norway deserved to face the massacre of Anders Behring Breivik. But the Government were definitely responsible for the attack on the Governmental complex, not having invested in proper security arrangements.

The Norwegian Prime Minister is the source of this failure. His warm support for moderate Islam and “Palestestinan  anti-Zionism” made PM Jens Stoltenberg believe that Norway had become immune against Islamic terrorism.

Stoltenberg lead the Norwegian government to invest more than 150 million USD in support for the formation of the anti-Zionist state of “Palestine”.

At the same time:

Not a single dollar was invested in security around his own office, a bid to prevent a terrorist attack on the Norwegian government.

Eight people had to die because of the Norwegian Prime Minister criminal neglect of the security of the Government compound. 69 members of the Labor Party Youth were slaughtered in the second attack on the Governance of Norway.

Written by Ivar

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