al-Qaeda: – We defeated the US in Iraq

In a video released on anniversary of 9/11 attacks, Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahri claims his warriors defeated America in Iraq‬‬.

President Obama celebrate claimed victory over Islamic warriors on the law of the Pentagon on 11st of September 2012.

Al-Qaeda’s leader claims in a video posted on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks that his warriors “defeated America in Iraq”.

Ayman Al-Zawahri’s message was posted on militant websites late Tuesday, to coincide with the anniversary.


My comment:

It is funny that both President Obama and the leader of the “defeated” al-Qaeda is claiming victory over each other. And that on the September 11th.

This is what Herald Sun has recorded from President Barack Hussein Obama speech on the lawn on the Pentagon about the fruits of spending two trillion dollars on the wars overseas.

 “The true legacy of 9/11 will not be one of fear or hate or division,” Obama said at the Pentagon near Washington. “It will be a safer world, a stronger nation, and a people more united than ever before.”

Highlighting what he said were the “crippling” blows dealt against al-Qaeda and the killing last year of Osama bin Laden, Obama said the United States is “even stronger”.

Source: The Herald Sun.

It is remarkable, that the US President claim victory over the Islamist movement the very day the US security forces was unable to protect the US Ambassador in Libya.

Obama tells the Americans mot to worry over the Trojan horse his administration has brought in from the wilderness.

The US feel snubbed, because they feel the Libyans should have hailed Obama for helping them to get liberated from the Gaddafi regime.

I can not help claiming that the lame and the blind in the US Administration was the very persons who lead the trojan horse into their own camps.

There have been many warnings.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “al-Qaeda: – We defeated the US in Iraq

  1. The Americans are soft cocks who could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag. If they want to start really fighting the evil of islam stop letting any muslim into America. close the door start fighting back before these evil religious freaks start poisoning their country.

    1. They can’t stop them….Why? ….Because they are the ones who are helping Muslims to enter America to bring it down…thinking they will be protected from all of the laws of Muslims over taking Governments, Churches, Schools etc….the profit is too high for the Americans ‘powers that be’… more powerful than they even know for they are selling their souls to Lucifer!

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