Hamas terror-call busted in Muslim quarter of Old city

Guns and explosives were hidden in vegetable shop near Damascus Gate; investigation into criminals’ motives ongoing.

Among the weapons, the Jerusalem Police found booklets made by the Hamas.

Jerusalem police announced on Tuesday that over they past month they uncovered a massive weapons cache hidden inside a vegetable shop in east Jerusalem, with dozens of weapons, ammunition, pipe bombs, Hamas literature, and a quarter of a million shekels.

The weapons found in a shop near Damascus gate.

Police arrested a number of Israeli Arabs and illegal infiltrators from the West Bank over the past month.

Though the investigation is still ongoing so details are under a media gag order.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The ongoing anti-Zionist campaign, has brought fresh fruits. Bad fruits. For the government in Israel, this weapons cache is yet another sign of the radicalization of Israeli Arabs.

They are Israeli citizens, but do not feel loyalty towards the state who have them the right to be citizens.

Many Zionist Jews fear that Israeli Arabs represent a fifth column. The strongly object to liberals who wants all Israeli Arabs to be listed for military service in the IDF.

Such an enrollment would become a huge security risk for the Jewish state. We would quickly have seen what the Americans call “blue attacks on green”.  So-called moderate Muslims who kill American soldiers in Afghanistan, being loyal to Islam and the Taliban.

Israel must be on the alert, and never compromise with all who are willing to betray her.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Hamas terror-call busted in Muslim quarter of Old city

  1. My my my The “Peaceful Folks” seem to be quite busy with ‘the Vegetables’…. Another one in that area made a big show of ‘giving Milk’ to the children….and here this group in that area likes ‘veggies’… both are of the same spirit….Death!

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