Iran has enough uranium for five nukes

The Islamic republic of Iran is buying time “negotiating” an possible end to its nuclear bomb program.

The men on the podium behind this missile can hardly wait for their first bomb being ready to be used for “allah”.

Iran has significantly stepped up its output of low-enriched uranium and total production in the last five years would be enough for at least five nuclear weapons if refined much further.

This is a warning issued by the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS).

The ISIS-warning is based on data in the latest report by the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which was issued on Friday.

Iran has produced almost 6.2 tons of uranium enriched to a level of 3.5 per cent since it began the work in 2007 – some of which has subsequently been further processed into higher-grade material.

This is nearly 750 kg. more than the IAEA reported in February. ISIS said Iran’s monthly production had risen by roughly a third.

Source: Reuters

My comment:

People who believe liars are fools. The present Iranian regime is based on lies.

The leaders claim that they are not building a nuclear bomb.  If that was true, Iran should hand over all the enriched Uranium.

Will they do that?

Off course not. Iran is hell bent on destroying Israel. Without a nuclear bomb, that would not be possible.

How do we know?  Just listen to the Iranian President on this short video:

Now Iran have enough enriched Uranium for five bombs. One for Tel Aviv, one for London, one for Berlin, one for Paris and one for Washington.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes he is called to destroy bout the little Satan and the greater Satan. The smaller one is Israel, and the big one is the chair where you are sitting.

By destroying you in the name of Muhammad and “allah”, men like Ahmadinejad believe the hidden 12th Imam will return to Earth, and save all the Muslims.

Funny that you do not react to the treat against Israel. Only when you own house if on fire, you might scream in pain and agony. On that day, no one will be willing to listen to you.

Because you were lukewarm when the Jews needed you help, you put a curse down on your own head.

 Matthew 7:13
[ The Narrow and Wide Gates ] “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

Feel free to do something with this today. Cry out to Jesus to forgive you for betraying His chosen people. Ask Him to have mercy on your soul, and save you. Amen.

First published: May 30th 2012

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “Iran has enough uranium for five nukes

  1. Hey now im American but i support Israel
    what are we supposed to do? Take out crazy man iran from home? I voted against our current leader. Seriously what do we do besides pray? God has Israel’s back we need to trust Him on that

    1. dear Jen.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Place your self in June 1941, and ask the same question:

      Hitler sits in Berlin. What are we suppose to do?

    2. Praying is the most powerful thing you can do, next seek, and bring to Christ, as many of the lost as you can while we still have time. These two things have no greater calling.

  2. Courage, vision and trust building is required on the world stage. There are various calenders; i.e. Christian Gregorian 2012; Jewish Elul 5772; Muslim 1432; Iran Nuclear Fuel Enrichment hits critical red line; etc. The divine timetable will trump them all. G-d hs his own plans in mind. A certain narrative is unfolding…

  3. I’ve maintained for awhile that Obama is stalling to allow Iran to gain as much low level enrichment as possible for a plethora of backpack carried dirty bombs. Their chances of hitting the target are much better than a missile…

  4. I believe US will be involved in war with Iran. The rethoric that is expressed is pro Iran war. Though you may not hear it from Obama himself it is loudly expressed by leaders in Government and Media.
    Our Government will put us into another war. We will leave Afghanistan and enter in Iranian conflict. This is my prediction. They have been preparing the US citizens for this for a decade and I believe soon we will be in it. I am not in agreement with it but their is little I can do. When a declartation of war is necassary the congress and senate will declare it

  5. Ok, everybody calm down, no one is going to destroy Israel. Check the prophecies, Ezekiel’s temple will be built period. You can’t build the temple if the place is destroyed can you? that makes the Creator a liar. Secondly, the “Abomination that makes desolate” will take his seat in that temple. These prophecies will not come to pass if Israel is destroyed.

    Note, Yahweh is not protecting the tiny land of Israel because he loves them to death, that’s a lie. The Israelites rejected him as supreme ruler over them, read 2nd Samuel and the book of Kings. The elders of Jerusalem told Samuel (who was the high priest) they don’t want Yahweh ruling over them, they want a King like the other heathen nations.

    Yahweh told Samuel, it is not you they’re rejecting, they are rejecting me! appoint them a king, but tell them what a pathetic sorry bunch they are and what their king will do to them. Is it any wonder that the Hebrews have not seen peace since then?

    The only reason Yahweh is protecting Israel is for the “Elects” Sake. Yahshua Messiah will rule the world from Jerusalem together with the Elect, the Called out Ones.

    Praise Yahweh!

  6. If any other (western) nation received such threats, there would be such a difference in the world’s reaction!

    Imagine if the cry was ‘Marg bar Europa’, for instance!?

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