More double talk from Abu Mazen in Ramallah

The PA president want a “Palestinian state”, but accuse the Hamas of seeking to build an Islamic emirate.

Abu Mazen act like a king without both a people and a kingdom.

This is what the Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen, alias Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday:

“We are going to the UN to say that we are a state that is subject to the Fourth Geneva Convention and there are 133 countries that recognize a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital,” he declared.

“Why doesn’tWashington want us to go to the UN?” Abbas accused Hamas of seeking to establish an Islamic emirate in the Gaza Strip.

Noting that half of the PA’s budget was going to the Gaza Strip, Abbas held Hamas responsible for the failure of efforts to end the power struggle with his Fatah faction.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Abu Mazen should be able to answer his own question:

Why do the US stop Ramallah from applying for statehood recognition in the United Nations?

There is not a singular statehood to be formed.

Neither is Abu Mazen an elected leader, have nor do he any right to represent the so-called “Palestinian people”.

There is simply not a united “nation” behind him. As he clearly states, the Hamas wants an Iranian style “Islamic emirate” to be formed.

The so-called “Palestinian people’ is not a people. They are a group of human beings living at Israel’s borders, who at best are are a loose confederation of different groups.

They seems to only have one thing in common. They desire to see a Middle East without a Jewish statehood.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “More double talk from Abu Mazen in Ramallah

  1. The fact is, without Israel there would be no ?alestinian people. Prior to the formation of Israel, Palestine was understood to be the land of the Jews. It had been given the name Syria Palestina by the Roman Emperor Hadrian during the second century AD. There is no ‘P’ in the Arabic language, so those who have swallowed the Arab ?alestian lie are in dire need of education.

    When the land ?alestinians now occupy was under the control of Egypt and Jordan, there was no demand for a ?alestinan state. Why would there be, when their leadership was headed up by the Egyptian – Yasser Arafat ?

    What Abbas is doing is leading his people headlong into a clash with the God of Israel. Genesis 12:3 “I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you”. This is a promise/warning of like for like.

    Since they started their BDS campaign, ?alestinians (with the notable exception of their leadership) have suffered increasing financial ruin. Now as they increase their efforts to steal the land from Israel they will find themselves losing what land they do have.

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