Communist terrorist don’t recognize Israeli court

PFLP leader Ahmed Saadat refuses to answer questions during court Israeli court hearing. Saadat murdered Minister Rehavam Zeevi in 2001. ‬‬

Arab communist terrorist Ahmed Saadat killed the Israeli Minister of Tourism.

Ahmed Saadat, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the person behind the murder of Minister Rehavam Zeevi, said Sunday that he does not recognize the authority of the Israeli court.

Saadat spoke while entering the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court for international proceedings in a private lawsuit filed against him by terror victims.


My comment:

For most people the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) is unknown.

The PFLP is a communist terrorist organization, who work for the full destruction of Israel.  Here are two pictures the expose this terror organizations:

Members of PFLP has the same ideology as the terrorist cell Bader Mainhoff in Germany.
The PFLP mobilized thousands of supporters in this rally in Gaza, and are one of the partners of the Hamas.

Because of its commitment to the slaughter of the Jewish state, the PFLP is recognized as a “peace partner” by the Hamas. The communist terror organization and the Islamic terror organization works hand in hand.

While the secular al-Fatah movement are not permitted to hold rallies on the Gaza-strip, the PFLP rallies are held at public sports stadiums in Gaza city.

PFLP-terrorists are communists fully committed to the destruction of Israel.

The red flag of communism attacks supporters in their thousands, demanding that Israel is completely destroyed.

Written by Ivar

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  1. And soon the USA will be on the side of the Palestinians when the Rick Warrens and Lynn Hybels demand the US quit supporting Israel.

    Even the Assemblies of God dances around the notion of support for Israel. “But what part should Christians play in the current conflict? Do we allow our unqualified support for a non-Christian nation to be interpreted by Palestinians as setting aside our basic Christian principles of justice, love for enemies, respect for human life, honesty, and fairness?”

    Yes, we can’t delve too heavily into the politics of it but we also cannot ignore and support Palestinians killing the Israeli, under the guise of, “for the sake of the Gospel”.

  2. godsfinger, since I’m ordained with AG I figured I would add this:
    It is sometimes easy to dissipate spiritual and religious fervor by turning it into political and activist action. Christians who love the lost of the world, as Jesus did, should be careful about activist groups that they align themselves with. Extremists in the Christian community have been known to say that membership in and full support for a Christian Zionist organization is absolutely mandatory for a Christian. This is not true. Warm feelings toward Israel, because of its ancient religious heritage and its present adherence to our cherished principles of democracy, are understandable. But when we are reminded of our spiritual obligation to all the lost of the world, we cannot neglect a single nation or people. The crisis in the Middle East should be one of our top prayer priorities in these momentous days.

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