Shocking show-kind-of-vote about God and Jerusalem

This is the “democratic” vote on the Democrat convention:

You might agree to the change in views in the camp of Obama. But a more shallow and anti-democratic vote might not have taken place in the modern history of the United States of America.

There two amendments were never up for a vote, but was decided by the elite.


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One thought on “Shocking show-kind-of-vote about God and Jerusalem

  1. If one has 2 Devils in a room and you are given a choice which one do you want to rule your Country, and which one best describes the Lord Jesus Christ’s views of His Word, His Birth, Death, Burial, Resurrection ….(smile) and Him…..before The World…Which would you chose? …..Me?.. ”neither one”…for there is NO Choice between Devils to a Christian whose heart is centered on Jesus Christ!

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